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General Info

An Accounting System represents an entity that can send invoices. It is the central point of association between all of a single Administrator of a single Business’ Invoices, Clients, Staff, Expenses, and Reports.


There are no includes for Systems.


There are no filters for systems.

Field Descriptions

codestringpostal code
discountidstring(internal use) for tracking discounts
ipstringsignup ip address
test_systemboolean(internal) whether this system is marked by FreshBooks as a test system
payment_frequencyint(internal) how many months per pay cycle
streetstringstreet address
systemidintunique id for system
idinta repeat of the systemid field
auto_billintcount of how many autobills the system is allowed to have
citystringcity business is based in
info_emailstringpublic email to display
dstbooleanuse daylight savings time version of system's timezone
gst_amountobjectsubfields: amount and code
amountstringtwo-place decimal formatted amount of gst being paid for system
codestringthree-letter currency code
mob_phonestringmobile phone number for business
modern_systembooleantrue: system belongs to new FreshBooks, false: system is FreshBooks Classic
heard_about_us _viastringchannel system came to FreshBooks through
payment_amountobjectsubfields: amount and code
amountstringtwo-place decimal formatted amount being paid for system
codestringthree-letter currency code
salutationstringpreferred greeting
referring_urlstringtracks origin of user signup for analytics
emailstringadmin email
referralidstringid for analytics
provincestringprovince or state of business
faxstringfax number for business
masterlock_billingbooleanwhether system is billed via a particular service
street2stringsecond line of street address of business
datedatesignup date in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format
activebooleanwhether system is live or cancelled
num_clientsint(deprecated) number of clients allowed on business
business_typestringdescription of business (e.g. corporation)
bus_phonestringmain phone number for business
namestringdescriptive name of business
countrystringcountry of business
landing_urlstringused for analytics
split_tokenstringused for tracking split tests
billing_statusstringdescription of whether the owner of the system has paid us when they were supposed to
num_staffnull(deprecated) number of staff allowed on business
currency_codestringdefault currency for business, three-letter format.
accountidstringsecond unique id for system

Get System

The value of <id> here is only meaningful if a user has access to multiple systems. See the Identity Model for more information

Request: GET https://api.freshbooks.com/accounting/account/<accountid>/systems/systems/<id>

  "response": {
    "result": {
      "system": {
        "code": "A1B2C3",
        "discountid": null,
        "ip": "",
        "test_system": false,
        "payment_frequency": 1,
        "street": "123",
        "systemid": 1953394,
        "duration": 12,
        "timezone": "UTC",
        "id": 1953394,
        "auto_bill": 5,
        "timezoneid": 14,
        "city": "Toronto",
        "info_email": "wyatt@freshbooks.com",
        "dst": true,
        "gst_amount": {
          "amount": "0.00",
          "code": "USD"
        "mob_phone": "",
        "modern_system": true,
        "heard_about_us_via": null,
        "payment_amount": {
          "amount": "0.00",
          "code": "USD"
        "salutation": null,
        "referring_url": null,
        "email": "wyatt@freshbooks.com",
        "referralid": null,
        "province": "Ontario",
        "fax": "",
        "masterlock_billing": true,
        "size_limit": null,
        "street2": null,
        "date": "2016-01-26 11:00:42",
        "active": true,
        "num_clients": null,
        "business_type": "corporation",
        "bus_phone": "",
        "name": "BillSpring",
        "country": "Canada",
        "landing_url": null,
        "split_token": null,
        "billing_status": "uptodate",
        "num_staff": null,
        "currency_code": "USD",
        "accountid": "zDmNq"

Create Single System

System creation is not available as part of our API.

Update Single System

Updating the details of a system is not available as part of our API.

Delete Single System

Deleting systems is not available as part of our API.

List Systems

There is no defined System List call in our API.