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Freight Invoice Template

Send crystal clear freight invoices with FreshBooks’ powerful invoicing software. Set and forget shipping and payment terms, accept payments online and find all the fields you need.

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The Best Way to Invoice

Shipping companies rely on invoices to get paid. Download the free freight invoice template and easily create invoices for your clients.

Invoice with FreshBooks instead.

Get Your Free Freight Invoice Template

Freight invoices are detailed documents that need extra special care. The free freight invoice template from FreshBooks was built to help you send invoices that are organized and easy to fill out.

Shippers especially need invoices that are easy to pay. If customers are confused by a freight invoice, they’re less likely to pay on time. Our free freight invoice template has a beautiful, clear layout and an orderly format that’s easy to read.

Download FreshBooks’ freight invoice template in popular formats like Word (.DOC), Excel, (.XLS), .PDF, Google Docs and Google Sheets. Then, customize it however you like or keep it simple.You can browse all our free invoice templates.

Download Freight Invoice Templates

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Freight Invoice Template

This freight invoice template will impress your customers with its professional look and straightforward design. Get paid faster with this free template especially designed for shippers.

Download as:

What Is a Freight Invoice Template Used For?

A freight invoice is used by shippers to itemize shipped items and freight charges. All carriers issue freight invoices for shipments to document shipment details and get paid for their work.

Freight costs can account for up to 10 percent of a company’s total expenses. And are increasing thanks to rising fuel prices.

Because of these factors, customers often pay close attention to what they’re being charged. The receiver may perform a freight audit by comparing what they were initially quoted and what’s on the freight invoice to make sure they’re not overpaying for services.

Once the customer approves the freight invoice, they can issue payment to the shipper. The amount paid should be the total due on the freight invoice.

How to Create a Freight Invoice

Create a freight invoice by following these steps:

  1. Download your free freight invoice template
  2. Consigner (seller) and consignee (buyer) information
  3. Add the date of shipment
  4. Add origin and destination points
  5. Add the number of packages, description of the freight and the volume, weight or other measurement
  6. Include the total assessed rate for the shipment
  7. Calculate the total, including charges for any special services
  8. Add the delivery route and any carriers contracted to perform the shipment, as well as any transfer points
  9. Include payment terms at the bottom of the invoice, such as how you want to be paid
  10. Send the completed invoice online via email or print it off and mail (or fax it) to the customer
  11. Send a receipt copy of the invoice to the customer as soon as you’re paid

Freight Invoice Types

Shippers require a specialized type of invoice to reflect the multiple details involved in each shipment.

Here are the most common freight invoice types:

  • Standard Invoice: A typical freight invoice billing for the shipment of goods
  • Commercial Invoice: An invoice that documents imported foreign goods. It’s used at customs to outline shipment details, country of origin, declaration of authenticity, the signature of the importer and other information.
  • Pro-Forma Invoice: Provides approximate costs for a shipment not yet performed
  • Credit Invoice: Used to issue a refund or a discount
  • Debit Invoice: Charge for special services using this invoice
  • Mixed Invoice: Used to bill for a shipment and issue a refund or discount at the same time
  • Prepaying Invoice: Charge your customer for a deposit on a future shipment
Download Free Templates

Download a Freight Invoice Template for Free

Download the free freight invoice template and create and send invoices for your shipping business, whether you’re based in the US, Canada, the UK or beyond.

A professional, detailed invoice will help you get paid and maintain accurate records for your books. The freight invoice template will have you creating and sending invoices in no time.

Upgrade Your Invoice Template with FreshBooks

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