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Consulting Invoice Template

Streamline your invoicing so you can spend more time helping clients succeed. Create invoices easily in the cloud with FreshBooks and get paid twice as fast for your services.

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The Best Invoicing for Consultants

Create professional invoices that are tailored to the needs of your consulting business. Download the free consulting invoice template from FreshBooks to bill clients for your hard work.

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Get Your Free Consulting Invoice Template

Consultants want flexible invoice templates they can adjust to suit the needs of their clients. From tracking billable hours to charging flat-rate fees for their services, consulting invoices need to be highly customizable.

Streamline your accounting process and send professional invoices with the free consulting invoice template from FreshBooks. Select a template below that’s relevant to your business and tailor your invoices to suit the needs of your team.

The consulting invoices are customizable and can be used by consultants in all industries, from independent small business consultants to large financial consulting firms.  

Download your free consulting invoice template in the format that works best for your business: .DOC (Word), .XLS (Excel), .PDF, Google Docs and Google Sheets. View all our free invoices over here.

Download Consulting Invoice Templates

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Create professional-looking consultant invoices to get paid for your services. The consultant invoice template lets you track your team’s billable hours by project to help you charge clients for all your hard work.

Download as:

Software Consulting

Software consultants provide technical expertise to improve their clients’ software solutions. The software consulting invoice template from FreshBooks lets you create detailed invoices.

Download as:

Business Consulting

As a business consultant, you help improve the efficiency of your clients’ workplaces. The free business consulting invoice template can help make accounting process more efficient so you can focus on serving clients.

Download as:

Invoice with FreshBooks

Consulting Bill Template

Consultants need flexible billing options that allow them to bill by the hour, by a flat fee or by project milestones. The free consulting bill template from FreshBooks lets you create professional invoices.

Download as:

Sample Consulting

Unsure of everything you need to include on your consulting invoices? This free sample consulting invoice template includes all the important information your client will need to pay you for your services.

Download as:

Free Consulting

Create professional-looking invoices that you can customize to meet the needs of your team and the specifics of your industry. Download the free consulting invoice template from FreshBooks and get started.

Download as:

Invoice with FreshBooks

What Is a Consulting Invoice Template Used For?

You’ll need to send a consulting invoice every time you complete a job or meet a project milestone so clients can pay you for your work. Consulting invoices include a detailed list of the services provided, the hours spent working on the project, a breakdown of any products purchased for the job that are billed to the client, the payment due date and the total amount owing for the invoice.

Invoicing doesn’t just allow consultants to bill for their services; invoices serve as crucial accounting documents that can help you track your revenue, analyze the performance of your consulting company and plan for the future of your business.

How to Create a Consulting Invoice

Follow these steps to create a professional consulting invoice and get paid for your work:

  1. Download the free consulting invoice template from FreshBooks
  2. Include your consulting company’s logo in the invoice header
  3. Add your consulting firm’s contact information, including the business name, address, email address and phone number
  4. Add your client’s contact details, including the client’s name, address, email address and phone number
  5. Create a unique invoice number and include the invoice date and payment due date
  6. Include an itemized list of the services you provided with brief descriptions of each service
  7. Add your billable hours for each service you provided
  8. List any outside products or services you purchased for the project that you’re billing to the client
  9. Include the total amount due for the invoice and add applicable taxes
  10. Describe your payment terms, including any late fees charged for overdue payment
  11. Send the completed invoice to your client by email or mail

Invoice Types for Construction Business Owners

Consultants can choose from a range of invoice types to select the invoice style that works best for their business. The following invoice types are often used by consultants:

  • Standard Invoice: Consultants can create standard invoices that provide a simple bill of the services they provided to the client, the amount owing and the payment due date.
  • Timesheet Invoice: Because consultants often bill clients by the hour, a timesheet invoice can be helpful in tracking their billable hours for each job. Timesheet invoices list the number of hours worked and the hourly pay rate.
  • Expense Report: Consultants may need to use expense reports as a way of billing their company for the expenses they incur while working on-site with a client. Consultants often bill their employers for hotel costs, meals and other expenses related to a client project.
  • Recurring Invoice: Consultants can create recurring invoices if they perform the same work for the client every billing cycle, as a way of streamlining their accounting process.
  • Interim Invoice: If a consultant works on a long-term project lasting several months, they may choose to send interim invoices when they meet certain project milestones. This can help with cash flow, since you don’t need to wait until the project is completed to bill the client.
  • Final Invoice: Consultants can send final invoices after a project is completed. Final invoices can help you collect the remaining balance for a project if you sent interim invoices on an ongoing basis.
Download Free Templates

Download a Consulting Invoice Template for Free

Create customized invoices for your consulting business and get started billing for your services. Download the consulting invoice template from FreshBooks to make detailed invoices that get you paid. FreshBooks offers simplified accounting solutions for small businesses from North America to the UK.

Start sending professional invoices today with the consulting invoice template.

Upgrade Your Invoice Template with FreshBooks

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