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3 Top Payment Gateway API Every Developer Should Know

3 Top Payment Gateway API Every Developer Should Know

If you need a website created for your small business, you need to find a qualified developer to do it for you. And if you want to serve your customers in the best way possible, you choose a versatile payment gateway.

These payment methods ensure easy online payments for your customers. So when choosing a developer to build your website, you need to make sure they know about the top payment APIs. If you are a developer yourself, you’ll find the following information all the more essential.

Here’s What We’ll Cover:

What Are the Top Payment APIs?

Key Takeaways

What Are the Top Payment APIs?

The best payment APIs have a few things in common. First, they have top-notch security. Secondly, their payout time is fast to ensure that you get paid right away. Thirdly, integration is robust and versatile, allowing developers to customize your platform. And lastly, they can accept a variety of currencies.

So with that in mind, let’s look at the top payment gateway APIs every developer should know.

FreshBooks Payments

FreshBooks Payments is your ultimate solution for accepting online payments. Once your customers pay you, FreshBooks records every payment in your account. Not only is it quick and easy, but it’s also secure and convenient.

Another big plus with FreshBooks Payments is its clear pricing. You never have to worry about hidden fees or extra charges. Credit card payments are always a flat rate of 2.9% + .30¢ per transaction. Moreover, FreshBooks accepts all major credit cards, and ACH fees are a low 1%.

FreshBooks makes sure that you get paid quickly, and its user experience is exceptional. You can accept your client’s payment type with a single click. And once your customer pays you, FreshBooks lets you send them a receipt right away.

Online payments are also a breeze, thanks to its implementation into FreshBooks. You can get started accepting online payments from the start, as there is zero setup needed.

This flexibility in payment options and a slick user interface places FreshBooks at the top of the payment processor list. And if you’d like to try FreshBooks before you buy, a free trial is available.


Stripe launched back in 2010 and remains a top payment processor to this day. It is loved by many developers for a variety of reasons. Stripe’s Developer First portion of its website is impressive. And it clearly shows that its design takes developers into consideration.

Stripe’s Payment API is ideal for developers. It allows them access to:

  • Multiple methods for sending invoices
  • Tracking user’s accounts
  • Managing subscriptions
  • Accepting payments
  • And more

Not only that, but Stipe's user interface is one of the best in the industry. So popular and beloved is Stripe that many major companies use its services. From Kickstarter to Pinterest, it’s clear that Stripe is doing something right. And, its transaction fees are the same as FreshBooks Payments, making it an affordable option, to boot.


PayPal is one of the more well-known payment APIs out there. Not only has it been in business for 20 years, but PayPal also serves over 200 markets across the globe. What’s more, its active user base is currently close to 240 million.

What’s more, PayPal’s user interface is easy to use to ensure an enjoyable user experience. 

If you want a flexible platform, PayPal accepts a variety of currencies. You can also withdraw your money in more than 55 different currency types. Its fees are equally attractive. There are no startup, signup, monthly, or withdrawal fees. However, its cost per transaction is a bit steep by comparison. You can expect to pay 4.4%, plus a fixed fee depending on the currency.

This makes it more costly compared to, say, FreshBooks. But given PayPal’s established footprint and lack of fees, it’s definitely worth your consideration.

Key Takeaways

Looking over all of the different payment APIs might feel overwhelming at first. There are a lot of options out there to choose from. By narrowing down our top 3 picks, we hope we made your decision much easier.

If you’re trying to minimize service charges and fees, FreshBooks Payments and Stripe are both low-cost options. PayPal might be slightly higher in that regard, but it’s a juggernaut in the payments industry, making it a viable contender.

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