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Creative Invoice Template

Eliminate the tedium of invoicing. Rely on FreshBooks’ simple invoicing software to make beautiful, professional invoices that you’ll love and your clients will appreciate.

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The Best Way to Invoice

Avoid boring templates. Download the free creative invoice template and see how easy it is to create stylish invoices that are professional, but never pedestrian.

Invoice with FreshBooks instead.

Free Creative Invoice Template

Originality deserves a paycheck. For creative work like yours, you need a creative invoice. After all, with the ideas you bring the table, you deserve to get paid promptly.

With the free creative invoice template from FreshBooks, you can send an invoice that gets you paid––in your preferred format. Download the creative invoice template to get started.

Available for download in .PDF, .XLS, .DOC, Google Docs and Google Sheets. Browse all invoice templates.

Download the Creative Invoice Template

Free Creative Invoice Template

Your work is backed by experience, a knack for thinking outside the box and a unique ability that many people don’t have. These skills lead to executing projects with a flair – and a bill that deserves payment.

Download as:

Invoice With Freshbooks

Creative Work Order

While you love using your imaginative mind to bring ideas to life, at the end of the day, you still deserve to bring home a paycheck. Use the creative invoice to collect payment for your work. Download the template now.

Download as:

What Is a Creative Invoice Used For?

Even though you love to unleash your creative mind, you still need to bill clients—just like any other small business. Because even if you’ve been dubbed a freelancer, you still are a professional and small business owner. You deserve to get paid promptly—in your preferred way of accepting payment.

With our creative invoice template design, you can bill your clients quickly, while still getting all the meticulous details. Your invoice will specify the services you provided, the price for each, the total amount due, accepted payment methods and more.

Feel good knowing that our invoice lets you keep track of your accounts, organizes client information and ensures you stay on top of payments. And those are only a few of the benefits.

Our creative invoice template allows you to:

  • Stay on top of past-due balances
  • Get paid for projects, gigs or monthly retainers in a matter of minutes
  • Organize client account information
  • Bill your clients quickly at no cost
  • Send invoices via PDF and with printer-friendly formatting
  • Feel confident at tax time knowing this information is ready

These are the top reasons creatives love using our invoices. By making billing easier, you can focus on what you do best—being creative and helping others unleash their maximum innovation.

How to Create a Creative Invoice

Get ready to celebrate. It’s finally easy to have a creative invoice that is also professional. FreshBooks’ creative invoice template design takes your creative skills and projects from a beloved passion and into paid work.

To begin, all you have to do is follow our guide below, step-by-step.

  1. Download the free “Creative Invoice Template” from FreshBooks
  2. Add your business branding, such as a logo, your brand colors and font
  3. Input your name, your business name (if applicable) and contact details on the invoice
  4. Write out the creative services performed – including a description and cost
  5. Add your client’s name, their business (if they have one) and their contact details
  6. Place the sum of service fees into the “Total” section
  7. Share how you would like them to pay
  8. Outline any privacy policy, late fees or any other policies in the “Notes” field
  9. Save

With the blank customizable fields, the creative invoice template makes it easy to adjust to each unique project. It guides you to write the services with a short description and price so that a client feels very clear on exactly why they are being billed. These valuable details make it easier for them to pay promptly, rather than follow up with questions.

The creative invoice template can be used again and again. Know that the billing details are taken care of, so you can focus on using your zone of genius for amazing clients.

See why creatives across North America, the UK and beyond use our creative invoice for their needs.

Types of Creative Invoices

Every project has a unique scope and desired deliverables. One might need a rush fee––another be a 3-month gig.

In turn, every invoice must be adapted to match.

You may be a graphic designer creating logos, a content creator who specializes in writing, a photographer capturing portraits or anything and everything in between. No matter what your creative genius is, you need an invoice that outlines your services and gets you paid.

With our creative invoice, which is also a modern invoice template, you can bill for:

Whether you need a creative invoice design for fine art, a creative invoice template for website work or anything else in between, FreshBooks has your back. Simply download the free creative invoice template and tailor it to your brand and client.

Remember, you have blank fields that let you brand your invoice, write out your services, outline payment instructions and more. To get invoicing checked off your to-do list, download the template.

Download Free Templates

Download a Creative Invoice Template for Free

Getting paid for your services doesn’t have to be strenuous. That’s why we created the creative invoice template. Whether you are charging for one service or need an itemized invoice, our template will work for you.

Simply download the template, adjust to your needs and send it off to your clients—knowing that collecting payments will be easier than ever.

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