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I’m self-employed – What can I use instead of QuickBooks for my business accounting?


When you are self-employed, it means you are in control of every aspect of your working life. This might sound great, but when it comes to accounting you may find that you actually need a little help. Fortunately, there are numerous accounting software programs on the market that are designed with self-employed individuals in mind. 

Quickbooks is a popular accounting software which many freelancers and small business owners use for their accounting needs. It has many features which are helpful since this software caters to businesses of all sizes not just freelancers and business owners. 

However, if you are a self-employed individual or you own a small business, you will likely find that you don’t need that many features – only those which are essential to your work. So is there an alternative to Quickbooks?


A Fresh Choice

FreshBooks is a great alternative for self-employed QuickBooks users who are looking for a more suitable accounting software for their needs. It is designed specifically for freelancers and small business owners. It also has easy-to-use features which will not overwhelm its users. How does FreshBooks differ from QuickBooks? Here are some of the features that sets FreshBooks apart from the competition:

  • All-device access. FreshBooks can be accessed via desktop computer or a mobile phone. It syncs both devices so information is updated on whatever device you will be using. 
  • Time tracking. FreshBooks has a built-in time tracker perfect for those who bill by the hour. If working with a team, this is a very useful feature as it shows how much time each individual spends on the project. When the project is done, you can easily generate an invoice with a click.
  • Easy project management. When working with a team for a project, FreshBooks allows a seamless collaboration among members with the use of the software. Multiple user permissions allow all members and even clients to have access to important files. Assigning and monitoring work has never been easier. Additionally, clients can provide their own feedback.
  • Easy proposals and estimations. Using FreshBooks, it is now easy to create a proposal for a client and give estimates for a project. If a client reviews and accepts the proposal, estimates can be transformed into invoices with a click. 
  • Simple reports. FreshBooks provides business reports that are easy to understand. This makes it easier to monitor the performance of your business and help in crunching numbers when tax season comes.
  • Useful add-ons and integrations. FreshBooks is integrated with third-party platforms such as Gusto for payroll, G Suite for project management, and others which allows for smooth business operations. 

Don’t burden yourself with features that you don’t need. Unless you operate a large business or plan to be one, these are the only features that you need for your business accounting. FreshBooks is a user-friendly accounting software with award-winning customer support so you don’t have to worry about struggling to manage your business. 


Accounting does not need to be a burden for small business owners, solopreneurs, and freelancers. While QuickBooks is a comprehensive accounting software, some of its features are not needed by those who are only managing smaller projects. FreshBooks, on the other hand, provides only the essential features which small business owners and freelancers need. Designed to help these specific markets, FreshBooks is a better alternative for those who prefer a hassle-free accounting experience.

So what are you waiting for? Get started on your FreshBooks experience by trying it free for 30 days! Just click here to sign up and explore its easy-to-use accounting features.