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Have you ever been in the middle of your work and were interrupted with an ‘Unrecoverable’ QuickBooks Error? It will appear on your screen like this: “QuickBooks has encountered a problem and is closing now.” It’s an annoying and typical issue faced by QuickBooks users.

What causes the unrecoverable QuickBooks error?


The main reason behind the unrecoverable QuickBooks error is that you have too many windows/applications open at the moment you start QuickBooks. 

Symptoms of QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error


Your system can have the following symptoms once it’s been stricken by the QuickBooks unrecoverable Error Code:

  • Your QuickBooks may freeze, not permitting you to control it.

  • You can’t update the software.

  • You can’t save transactions within the company file.

  • The desktop version freezes once it opens.

  • The QuickBooks window crashes.

  • The user cannot find the transactions saved within the QuickBooks company file.

  • The update method doesn’t reach the completion stage.

How can you fix QuickBooks unrecoverable error code?


There are a number of ways to try to fix the error. 

Solution 1- Prevent QuickBooks from opening ‘All windows during startup”.

Change “My preferences” settings to save desktop or select “Close all windows” within the application before closing the file.

Solution 2- Try “Opening sample file”


  • Close QuickBooks and follow these steps:
  • Double Click the “QuickBooks Icon” and press the “CTRL” key right away.
    • When you are in the “No Company open”, select “Open a sample”.
  • ‘Select ‘any of the sample files’ (company file) from the things listed.

Solution 3 – Open the QuickBooks file directly from the desktop


First, copy the QuickBooks file to the desktop and open it. You must verify if there is any issue associated with the “file storage location”. If you see the file opens once you save it to the desktop, the location is exceeding the QuickBooks file storage path limits.

However, if the file doesn’t open even once the location is changed, it means the file is perhaps broken or damaged.

Solution 4- ‘Restore backup via ADR


You can restore the backup through “Auto Data Recovery” to resolve the unrecoverable QuickBooks error.


But… Why Bother?


Even with all these possible solutions, the error may still not be fixed due to QuickBooks lack of updates. This is just one of the many issues that QuickBooks presents. For example, one of the main concerns about QuickBooks is the software audit log. Accountants, as well as business owners, want the flow of a company’s financial information to be deep and well-documented. Although QuickBooks provides an audit trail for most information, there are some situations in which financial information can be changed without leaving any documentation. Essentially, this means that the software leaves a gap that could allow a company’s financial records to be “fixed.” 


Fortunately, there is an alternative. FreshBooks. FreshBooks controls incoming and outgoing money, calculates costs, lets you know instantly how much you are earning, manages the receipt of invoices, and calculates taxes among many other features. 


FreshBooks it’s all about transparency, reliability and saving your time. You can save time and a potential headache by using FreshBooks. FreshBooks is simple and intuitive, so you will spend less time on paperwork and impress your customers with the professionalism of their invoices. Automate tasks such as billing, expense organization, time tracking and customer follow-up in just a few clicks. Control your business no matter where you are. With the FreshBooks mobile app, you can capture your expenses, send invoices and know when you get paid, all from the palm of your hand. Stop wasting precious time creating invoices, keeping track of payments and trying to figure out where your business is located. It makes billing simple and tracking expenses becomes an easy task.