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Dental Invoice Templates

Dentists rely on quick, consistent invoicing to get paid promptly for their specialized work. Show your dedication to excellence when billing clients with free dental invoice templates by FreshBooks.

Download Dental Invoice Template

Your average dental invoice can include a number of billables, from tooth polish to dental x-rays. Add ons like insurance billing, payment plans, and other dental-specific invoicing factors, and it’s clear to see why simplifying invoices is so important for dentists and related professionals. The invoice templates below can be a great resource for busy healthcare professionals.

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Dental Invoice Template

Bill patients with ease with a customizable dental invoice template. Charge accurately for teeth cleaning, dental examination, medical imaging, and dental fillings, all while saving time on invoicing each patient.

Download Template

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Medical Invoice Template

No matter what kind of medical services you supply, you’ll want to make sure your invoices are clear and accurate every single time. A medical invoice template helps you charge for all supplies and every service you provide.

Download Template

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Physical Therapy Invoice Template

Physical therapists often see patients on a regular, ongoing basis. This means many invoices for billables like products, treatment consultations, and your time as a physical therapy expert. A flexible physical therapy invoice template can help save time.

Download Template

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Psychologist Invoice Template

Busy psychologists shouldn’t have to spend hours each week invoicing for therapy sessions and consultations. A customizable psychologist invoice template lets you take a unique approach to each patient’s specific case when invoicing.

Download Template

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Free Invoice Generator

Looking for another way to create a quick, custom invoice without downloading a template? Try the free invoice generator by FreshBooks. Simply enter a few details, generate, and send it to your client.

More Invoice Templates by Industry

Dentists are far from the only professionals that can benefit from invoice templates. The templates below will help you bill in any industry and with any billing structure you choose, saving you time and helping you get paid sooner. You can also check our main invoice template page for other industry invoice templates to suit your needs.

Services Rendered Invoice Template

Find customizable services rendered templates for products, services, or consulting fees with services rendered invoice templates that you can tailor to any job type, from a root canal to a roof repair.

More Services Rendered Invoice Template

Standard Invoice Template

Ideal for dentists or any other service-based professional. Create individual invoices for dental services and treatments, and add a personal touch with standard invoice templates to simplify billing.

More Standard Invoice Template

Printable Invoice Template

Outline the costs for your dental consultations, treatments, and services with a downloadable, printable invoice template that’s made for busy service professionals.

More Printable Invoice Template

Blank Invoice Template

You can tailor this blank invoice template to bill your patients for specialized dental treatments, surgery consultations, and even fluoride.

 More Blank Invoice Template

Simple Invoice Template

Medical professionals of all kinds—from dentists to orthodontists to physical therapists—can bill for consultations, treatments, and other resources with a simple invoice template.

More Simple Invoice Template

Hourly Invoice Template

With sections for labor costs by hour, an hourly invoice template makes it easy to generate a professional job invoice for any hourly service in minutes.

More Hourly Invoice Template

Retainer Invoice Template

Whether you’re a social media strategist or an on-call accountant for small businesses, free downloadable retainer invoice templates simplify billing.

More Retainer Invoice Template

Dental Invoice Template vs. FreshBooks

Templates are a great way to save time, but an all-inclusive invoicing software like the one by FreshBooks can save you even more. Here are the differences between dental invoice templates and Freshbooks’ software at a glance:

Dental Invoice Template




Dental Invoice Templates

Flexible invoice templates

Printable formats

Email invoices at no cost

Accept payments on invoices

Schedule invoices

Automate payment reminders and late fees

Manage paid and outstanding invoices

Set up deposits for projects

Add discounts and credits to invoices

Automate recurring subscription invoices

Create and send invoices via mobile devices

Access your invoices FOREVER on the cloud 🔥

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between medical billing and dental billing?

Dental and medical bills may look slightly different, but they are actually very similar. The main differences lie in how insurance reimbursement is handled in dental and medical billing. This is done through codes, which indicate treatments provided, and medical and dental billing uses different sets of codes. A good invoice template (like the ones from FreshBooks) will have fields for the relevant billing codes.

Is dental billing easier than medical billing?

Dental billing isn’t necessarily easier or harder than medical billing—just slightly different. Both need a payment due date, payment details, contact details, an invoice number, and all other essential invoice information. Ultimately, billing is as easy as you make it by using tools like invoice templates or invoicing software, such as what FreshBooks provides.

Can I customize the design of my dental invoice template to match my practice branding?

The best dental and medical invoice templates (like the ones by FreshBooks) are highly customizable, with space to customize your logo, fonts, and even brand colors on certain elements. Look for flexible templates that give you the customization you need to brand your bills.

Are there any legal requirements I should be aware of when creating a dental invoice?

There are no federal American laws regarding invoicing, though some states and jurisdictions will have their own rules in place that you must abide by. Always do your research on your local laws to ensure you’re compliant with invoicing regulations.

Can I use a dental invoice template for insurance billing, patient billing, or both?

You can use a good dental invoice template for billing both insurance and patients, though you’ll need to customize it for each purpose first. Still, using a customizable template like the one from FreshBooks will be much more efficient than creating these invoices from scratch yourself.


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