Fresh Faces: Jaye Gipson

February 12, 2008

Photo of Jaye Gipson

A new year’s resolution you can bank on

Jaye Gipson, owner of bookkeeping service Impeccably Booked and new FreshBooks customer, has always been motivated to make positive change in her own life. As she puts it, “How do you grow without change? I’m always looking for ways to make myself better.” Three years ago she felt she should motivate her friends to follow her by setting a public example. She’s been blogging at Plus Size Diva ever since.

For someone so motivated, it’s no surprise Jaye is also an intrepid serial entrepreneur. “I’m always re-assessing the work I do,” she says, “so I have several businesses I run.” Indeed, she just launched Your Virtual Rock, a new virtual assistant service, to begin the year 2008.

“I’m always looking for ways to make myself better.”

To make Your Virtual Rock a success, Jaye has an extra new year’s resolution. “I really need to be on top of my finances so I am allowed the flexibility to pursue these businesses,” she says. She has resolved to shed all her debt by the end of the year and move to a completely virtual business existence.

On top of checking her credit report, tracking her spending, and even reeling in her Christmas shopping, we’re really proud Jaye chose FreshBooks to manage her billing. “This li’l system is one I can access anywhere, anytime. I like that flexibility.”

Why would a bookkeeper choose FreshBooks?

“I try to work no more than five hours a day. Anything that helps me collect payment as fast and simple as possible will help me free up my time and keep costs down. FreshBooks is very simple, very easy to use.”

“This li’l system is one I can access anywhere, anytime. I like that flexibility.”

Five hours a day to run two businesses? Awesome. What does she do in all her spare time?

“Nothing out of the ordinary. I want to travel more. Lose weight. Play my guitar.”

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