Honourable Mention in 2011 Tax & Accounting Awards from CPA Practice Advisor

June 17, 2011

Being invited to an awards show last minute always sets off a whirlwind of events and a lot of curiosity. However, if you win an award out of a group of fifty, it all becomes humbling.

FreshBooks is very honored to have received an honorable mention in the 2011 Tax & Accounting Technology Innovation Awards presented by CPA Practice Advisor. FreshBooks was one of fifty nominations, five of which, were chosen. These awards are in recognition of significant contributions of innovation and development of products and services for the tax and accounting profession. CPA Practice Advisor Executive Editor, M. Darren Root, a Certified Public Accountant , who also holds the AICPA’s Certified Information Technology Professional credential, describes it best:

The winners of this year’s Innovation Awards all offer exceptional feature sets for professional practices, from providing apps for simplified mobile access to data, to core paperless hardware and SaaS solutions, as well as programs for maximizing firm processes and communications.

We also have a whole program, Beancounters United, for making things easy for accountants and their small business clients. The program helps small business customers and their accountants focus on doing what they love to do, not their books or data entry.

If you, or your accountant/bookkeeper are interested, join the Beancounters United movement. It’s completely free to sign-up and learn more.

Kasey Bayne, FreshBooks Accountant Ambassador with Robert Akert, National Sales Manager, and Jim Baker, Publisher from CPA Practice Advisor. Photo credit Grant Wickes

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