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The Best Invoicing for Contractors

Create and send professional invoices in minutes with FreshBooks. Fully automated and designed with your goals in mind, our invoices are perfect for contractors like you.

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Contractor Invoice Template

Need to create invoices for your contract work? Download the free contractor invoice template to send professional invoices in minutes.

Invoice with FreshBooks instead.

Get Your Free Contractor Invoice Template

As an independent contractor, you need a reliable and professional way to collect payment for the services you provide.

With the free contractor invoice template from FreshBooks, you can send invoices for your contracted work, and be sure that you have all of the details you need to stay on top of your business finances.

Take your business invoicing into your own hands with the downloadable independent contractor invoice template.

Available in .DOC, .XLS, .PDF, Google Docs and Google Sheets. View all our free invoice Templates.

Download a Contractor Invoice Template

Invoice with FreshBooks

Invoice Templates

Carpet & Flooring

Invoice Templates

Put the finishing touches on your business invoicing with the free contractor invoice templates from FreshBooks. For carpet and flooring contractors, you can use this specially-designed template for all your billing need

Download as:

Tree Removal

Invoice Templates

If you are a contractor that provides tree removal services, you need an invoice that fits your type of business. The free tree removal invoice template was made with contractors like you in mind so that you can bill you

Download as:

Home Improvement

Invoice Templates

Your services provide a real benefit to your clients’ lives and increase the value of their homes. With the home improvement invoice, you can get paid for your hard work and leave your clients feeling happy.

Download as:

Invoice With Freshbooks

Invoice Templates


Invoice Templates

Keep it cool with professional invoices for your business. If you work in refrigeration, use this invoice to collect payment for all of your services. Download it now.

Download as:

Contractor Work Order

Invoice Templates

The work is done, your clients are happy and it’s time for you to get that money. With the contractor work order, you bill your clients directly and get paid right away. Get the template here.

Download as:

Contractor Bill Template

Invoice Templates

Bill your clients the right way and get paid for all your hard work. Rather than creating your own invoices from scratch, use the free contractor bill template that’s ready to use, edit and send.

Download as:

Invoice With Freshbooks

Invoice Templates

Blank Contractor Invoice Template

Invoice Templates

It’s time to fill in the blanks when it comes to your business invoicing. With the blank contractor invoice template, you can be sure that you are sending your clients all the information they need to pay you the right w

Download as:

Invoice With Freshbooks

Invoice Templates

Sample Contractor Invoice Template

Invoice Templates

Download this sample template to start invoicing for your business. With a professional format and custom fields, you can rest easy knowing that you are sending invoices your clients will love.

Download as:

Free Contractor Invoice Template

Invoice Templates

With the free contractor invoice template, you can get paid for your work in a matter of minutes. Simply download the template, fill out the details and send the invoice to your clients directly.

Download as:

Invoicing for Independent Contractors

Independent contractors often perform a wide range of services under the contract they have agreed upon with an individual or company. That can often make it confusing when it comes to collecting payment, organizing accounts and keeping business finances in check.

In order to bill your clients, you may have tried hiring an accountant or utilizing special accounting software. However, these solutions can get complicated and even expensive. Fortunately, there is a better solution.

Working from the general contractor invoice template, you can create detailed invoices for free in just a matter of minutes. That way, you can spend more time focusing on what you do best, and be sure that you get paid for your work. Contractor invoice templates can be used by:

No matter what kind of contracted work you provide, you can create detailed invoices with the contractor invoice template from FreshBooks. Simply download the document in your chosen format, fill in your business details, include payment information and send to your client.

Now you can get paid for your work in no time – and rest easy knowing that you have all of the information you need come tax time.

How to Create a Contractor Invoice Form

To create your own contractor invoice, first download the free, customizable template. Then, fill in your business details, client details, service info and more to create invoices tailored to your clients.

Follow the instructions below to learn more about how to create your first invoice as an independent contractor.

  1. Download your free contractor invoice template
  2. Add in your name, business name and contact information
  3. Include your business logo on the invoice, if applicable
  4. Fill in your client’s name, business and contact details
  5. Add a unique invoice number, the invoice date and the payment due date
  6. List the services provided and a brief description of each, along with the prices
  7. Calculate the total cost and include the total at the bottom of the invoice
  8. Note any payment terms or your privacy policy
  9. Send the completed invoice to your client via FreshBooks, email or direct mail

The FreshBooks contractor invoice makes it easy to create invoices for your business for free. You can use contractor invoices to bill clients for a range of services, keep payment details organized and create a record of your income for tax purposes.

Having a professional invoice method also ensures that your clients are clear on what services were provided and how you prefer to get paid. This helps prevent delay and allows you to get compensated for your work in a timely manner.

PDF Invoice Template

Types of Invoices for Contractors

Depending on the contract you have outlined with your client, you may want to use a certain type of invoice that you get paid the right way and in the right time frame.

There are different kinds of invoices for independent contractors, and all of them can be customized to suit your needs.

Whether you are a contractor in the US, Canada, UK or beyond, you will find a template fits your business. Find the right type of contractor invoice that works for you and your clients.

  • Standard Invoice: A standard invoice is a simple bill outlining how much your client owes you, the contractor
  • Recurring Invoice: This invoice can be used to accept ongoing payments from your clients
  • Prepayment Invoice: A prepayment invoice can be used to collect a deposit as a portion of the total owed
  • Time-Based Invoice: This invoice charges based on the amount of time spent on a particular project
  • Credit Invoice: This is sent to a client every time a refund is offered or there is a positive balance on their account
  • Debit Invoice: A Debit Invoice is sent to notify a client that they owe you a given amount of money
  • Mixed Invoice: This includes both credits and charges made to an account
Download Free Templates

Download a Free Contractor Invoice Template

Create professional invoices for your independent contractor work in a matter of minutes.

Simply download the free template, customize and send. With a better invoicing solution, you can start getting paid the right way, without the headache.

Upgrade Your Invoice Template with FreshBooks

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