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Lawn Care Invoice Templates

Once you’re done getting your client’s lawn into tip-top shape, quickly send them an invoice that’s as beautiful as their new landscape with a lawn care invoice template.

Download Lawn Care Invoice Template

Lawn care services take time to do well. Don’t waste a single minute perfecting your lawn care service invoice—download lawn service invoice template by FreshBooks for professional invoices in minutes.

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Lawn Care Invoice Template

Spend more time nurturing lush landscapes and leave the admin work to us by downloading and editing a fillable lawn care invoice template.

Download Template

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Template for Installation Company

Landscaping Invoice Template

Designing stand-out yards is hard work, but getting paid for it shouldn’t be. With a simple, free landscaping invoice template, it’s not.

Download Template

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Free Plumbing Invoice Template

Tree Service Invoice Template

You might provide tree removal, planting, pruning, edging, and trimming services. All of these could be separate costs. Account of each one using consolidated, fully customizable invoice templates

Download Template

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Gardening Invoice Template

There’s a lot that goes into gardening services. Whether it’s design or weed control treatment, you need to get paid for your services. There’s a free invoice template that has you covered.

Download Template

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Lawn Mowing Invoice Template

Your lawn mowing service needs to get paid promptly. After all, spring and summer only last so long. Create your time-based invoice with an easy-to-use customizable template.

Download Template

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Free Invoice Generator

No matter how you prefer to work, you can create detailed and professional invoices with ease. FreshBooks provides a Free Invoice Generator that lets you customize our template online with all the same capabilities and features—no downloading required.

More Invoice Templates by Industry

Your business might be more than a lawn care service provider. Many landscaping and construction companies also offer lawn care as part of their service model. If this sounds like your company, we might have another free invoice template that would interest you.

Still searching for the perfect template? Check out our invoice template main page for a collection of industry-specific templates that suit your needs.

Contractor Invoice Template

Lawn care services are often delivered on a contract basis. So, you might make good use of the same contractor template others also use.

More Contractor Invoice Template

Construction Invoice Template

Lawn care is sometimes one part of a bigger construction job. If that’s the case, quickly bill for your work with a construction invoice template that lets you add all the details.

More Construction Invoice Template

Plumbing Invoice Template

Pipes aren’t just in homes, they also run under yards. So, you might have to do some plumbing work with your lawn care. Ensure you get paid for your efforts with a plumbing invoice template.

 More Plumbing Invoice Template

Painting Invoice Template

It’s not unreasonable for a painting job to be part of a beautiful landscape design. If that’s an extra cost, use a painting invoice template to showcase what your client owes.

 More Painting Invoice Template

House Cleaning Invoice Template

Perhaps, your business goes inside and outside your client’s homes. You maintain pristine lawns outside, and bring that beauty indoors. A house cleaning template can help you quickly bill for this service.

 More House Cleaning Invoice Template

Contract Labor Invoice Template

Lawn care services can require a lot of manpower. When it does, you might need to contact additional labor to get everything done well on time. Track this extra payment on a contract labor invoice.

 More Contract Labor Invoice Template

Subcontractor Invoice Template

Lawn care contractors might require the help of subcontractors to complete a job. They need to get paid too. Make sure they do with a subcontractor template.

 More Subcontractor Invoice Template

Itemized Invoice Template

Itemized templates can help all lawn care professionals generate the perfect invoice to break down the price of each service and justify the total cost.

 More Itemized Invoice Template

Self-Employed Invoice Template

You don’t have to be a lawn care business owner to offer lawn care services. If you’re self-employed, you can try a self-employed invoice template that works with your unique tax requirements.

 More Self-Employed Invoice Template

Carpet Cleaning Invoice Template

Carpet cleaning takes a bit more effort than standard house cleaning. If indoor cleaning is one of your lawn care business’s additional services, you can use a carpet cleaning template to bill for it.

 More Carpet Cleaning Invoice Template

Lawn Care Invoice Template vs. FreshBooks

A free lawn care invoice template is great for one-time jobs, but FreshBooks is better for repeat customers. Use FreshBooks’ lawn care service template if you need to automatically bill for recurring transactions, send and receive payments, or edit your invoice on your mobile device.

Free Lawn Care Invoice Template




Free Lawn Care Invoice Templates

Flexible invoice templates

Printable formats

Email invoices at no cost

Accept payments on invoices

Schedule invoices

Automate payment reminders and late fees

Manage paid and outstanding invoices

Set up deposits for projects

Add discounts and credits to invoices

Automate recurring subscription invoices

Create and send invoices via mobile devices

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Lawn Care 101: Helpful Resource for Your Lawn Care Business

New to lawn care service or want to know more about how you can enhance your client’s lawns? FreshBooks provides more than just invoices, we also offer educational resources to help business owners like you succeed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a lawn care invoice template?

While you don’t necessarily need a lawn care invoice template, having one is very helpful. Working off a template simplifies the billing process and saves you a lot of time and energy. FreshBooks offers a lawn care invoice template in PDF, Excel, Google Docs, and Word.

Are there any legal requirements for a lawn care invoice in the US?

There are no specific laws in the US for lawn care invoices. In fact, American invoicing laws are fairly relaxed, so there is no precise regulatory format that you must follow. Still, including all the necessary information about you and your client is crucial.

What information should be included in a lawn care invoice template?

Lawn care invoices are like any other invoice. You need to include your:

  • Payment details
  • Business name
  • Contact details
  • A unique invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Client information
  • Payment terms
  • Payment information
  • Due date
Can I customize my lawn care invoice template?

Yes! Both the free lawn care invoice template and FreshBooks allow for full customization. This is excellent for businesses that offer a wide range of services, such as mowing, planting, design, lawn feeding, and fertilization. It’s also great for companies that do more than lawn care, like maintenance and pool services.

How do I send a lawn care invoice to my clients?

If you use the free lawn care invoice template, you’ll have to download and send it by your own method. However, if you use FreshBooks, you can directly send your invoices to your clients from the same place where you generated them. This makes a fast process even faster.

What payment methods can I include on my lawn care invoice?

You can create a debit invoice, credit invoice, or any other payment method of your choosing. The customizable nature of these invoice templates means that you can add any details you like. This might be payment methods, but it could also be services rendered, your hourly or flat rate, or instructions for late payments.

How often should I send out lawn care invoices?

Lawn care business owners should send out an invoice after every job. This can become cumbersome if you have repeat lawn care clients who frequently ask for your services. FreshBooks can easily lessen that by helping you automatically create recurring invoices for your regular customers.


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