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Landscaping Invoice Template

Spend more time transforming properties while FreshBooks transforms your accounting. Easily create invoices online with FreshBooks and watch your landscaping business grow.

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The Best Invoicing for Landscapers

Your landscape design skills might not extend to designing invoices. Download a free landscaping invoice template and get started charging clients for your work.

Invoice with FreshBooks instead.

Get Your Free Landscaping Invoice Template

Your design brain, creativity and plant know-how transform “ho hum” land into breathtaking scenery.

This is hard work that you deserve to get paid for––in a timely fashion.

After all, your ability to design a landscape and maintain it to perfection is no easy task.

With the free landscaping invoice template from FreshBooks, we’ve made it simple to create professional invoices. Take your business invoicing into your own hands to get paid on time, stay up-to-date on clients and feel ready for tax time.

Download our landscaping invoice template to get started.

Available for download in .PDF, .XLS, .DOC, Google Docs and Google Sheets. Browse all invoice templates for landscapers.

Download a Landscaping Invoice Template

Invoice With Freshbooks

Landscaping Work Order

Landscaping requires a vision, the ability to adapt to different terrains and a whole lot of innovative thinking. With our landscaping invoice, bill clients and get paid without the hassle. Download now.

Download as:

Free Landscaping Invoice Template

While you love transforming a piece of land from the “before” to the breathtaking “after”, this is also a job that takes an immense amount of work. Your services merit a paycheck. Download our landscaping invoice sample.

Download as:

Landscaping Bill Template

You give your clients’ lawns some curb appeal, so you deserve some love as well. With the landscaping bill template, you can be sure to be paid what you are worth. Download the template now to create invoices in minutes.

Download as:

Invoice With Freshbooks

What is a Landscaping Invoice Used for?

As a landscaper, you need to bill your clients––the same as any other small business.

Yes, you love designing landscapes and creating gardens that will stand the test of time, but it is also hard work. Your immense efforts deserve to get paid for every plant, pathway or firepit.

With our landscaping invoice example, it’s easy to see exactly what details to include––such as the services provided, any fees for materials, associated costs and how you’ll accept payment.

Having a thorough template lets you keep track of your clients and projects, organize payment information and stay on top of overdue payments. These are only a few benefits to using our landscaping bill template.

By using our invoice for landscaping services, it is so much easier to:

  • Stay on top of past-due balances
  • Organize client account information
  • Bill your clients quickly and for free
  • Have PDF and printer-friendly formatting
  • Obtain and keep all information at the ready for tax time

There are even more benefits you’ll experience with our landscaping invoice sample. It only takes one step to begin.

How to Create a Landscaping Invoice

Breathe easier knowing that our landscaping invoice template, which is also a perfect gardening invoice sample, can make it easier to collect on payments.

To get started, all you need is to follow the instructions below.

  1. Download the free “Landscaping Invoice Template” from FreshBooks
  2. Add any business branding, such as brand colors and a company logo
  3. Put your name, business name (if have one) and contact details at the top
  4. Outline services provided, as well as a description and price for each
  5. Add any materials that need to be compensated for, along with description and cost
  6. Put your client’s name, business (if relevant) and contact details
  7. Add up the total of services provided and include in the “Total” section of the invoice
  8. Specify accepted payment methods
  9. Describe late fee policy or any other policies in the “Notes” field
  10. Save

With our blank customizable fields, it’s simple to fill in your project details. Add a short description of what work was done and the cost of any materials. Outlining this information helps break down the bill and help the client understand why the total is what it is.

The gardening invoice template – which is also ideal for landscaping – can be used again and again. You keep your focus on what plants will look good where, while our invoice makes the billing logistics easy.

Ready to see why contractors and landscapers throughout North America, the UK and beyond love using the landscaping invoice templates?

Invoice Types for Landscaping Companies

Just as every yard, piece of land and design is different, each invoice must be as unique.

Whether you are designing a residential front yard, developing a landscape for a commercial property or maintaining previously done work, you need an invoice the matches your unique services.

Indeed, this invoice can be used for a variety of landscaping services, such as:

  • Landscape design, from patios and outdoor kitchens to pools and firepits
  • Building and developing landscapes, from planting to lighting
  • Lawn care
  • Gardening and maintenance
  • Winter snow removal

Invoice for any of these services in the format you prefer, such as a landscaping invoice template in Excel, a landscaping invoice template as a PDF or a landscaping invoice template as a Word document.

Simply download our landscaping invoice template and tailor it to each unique project. With blank fields at the ready, specify your services, outline your payment instructions and more.

Now you can send detailed invoices in just a few minutes. Download the template today to start creating invoices your way.

Download a Landscaping Invoice Template for Free

Collecting payments from jobs, whether small yards or large parks, doesn’t have to be stressful. To make invoicing easier than ever before, get our landscaping invoice template.

It’s free from our team at Freshbooks––to you.

Simply download the landscaping invoice, tailor it to fit your brand and latest project and send it on its way. Remember, you can bill for add-on services such as maintenance and materials, such as wood for decks and the plants themselves.

Upgrade Your Invoice Template with FreshBooks

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