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Architecture Invoice Template

This free downloadable invoice template for architects takes the stress out of invoicing. Impress clients with its professional look and clean formatting and get paid faster.

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Get Your Free Architecture Invoice Template

Working as a freelance architect gives you more flexibility to choose your projects and what hours you want to work. But, freelancing also comes with the uncertainty of when you’re going to be paid.

A clear, professional invoice template makes it simple for freelance architects and small firms to invoice for their work and easier for clients to pay you.

The free architecture invoice template from FreshBooks is designed just for contract architectural work to help streamline your invoicing process.

Download FreshBooks’ architecture invoice template in popular formats like .DOC, .XLS, .PDF, Google Docs and Google Sheets. Then, customize it to suit your needs. You can find the free invoice templates gallery here.

Download an Architecture Invoice Template

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This template lets you plug in your hourly rate and number of hours worked for each service and calculates the total. Bill for your design work quickly and easily with this professional architecture invoice template.

Download as:

What Is an Architecture Invoice Template Used For?

An architecture invoice is used to ensure freelance architects get paid for their work.

Construction projects can take months to wrap up. A freelance architect can use an architecture invoice to bill clients for a monthly fee or in installments.

Invoicing in installments also makes sure the architect has consistent cash flow and isn’t waiting until the end of the project to get paid. This method is especially useful if the project takes longer than expected to complete.

Architecture invoices can be used by:

  • Residential architects
  • Restoration architect
  • Landscape architects
  • Commercial architects
  • Industrial architects
  • Industrial designers
  • Green design architects
  • Interior designers
  • Interior decorators

Freelance design professionals usually charge their clients according to an hourly rate. Hourly rates depend on location and a project’s requirements.

Some architects will use a fixed-fee pricing model for smaller projects. Management at a client company tend to like fixed-fee models, though an architect needs to know the exact scope of a project to quote a fixed-fee price.

Architecture invoices let architects itemize their tasks and insert fixed fees or hourly rates and number of hours worked for each. They can then calculate a total, customize fields like contact information and submit the invoice to the client to get paid.

How to Create an Architecture Invoice

Create your own architecture invoice by downloading and customizing our free template. While you can adapt the template, there are also standard, required fields which must be filled out.

Create a complete, detailed architecture invoice by following these steps:

  1. Download your free architecture invoice template
  2. Add your contact information
  3. Insert your logo (or use letterhead)
  4. Fill in your client’s contact information
  5. Add an invoice number, invoice date and payment due date
  6. List the services provided and add a brief description of each
  7. Add prices for each service (either a fixed fee or a subtotal based on your hourly rate and number of hours worked)
  8. Add sales tax, if applicable
  9. Calculate the total
  10. Insert payment terms at the bottom (how you want to be paid, late fees etc.)
  11. Attach any relevant documents such as early plans, blueprints or photos. If emailing the invoice, the file can be attached electronically.
  12. Email the invoice to your client or print it off and mail it

Invoice Types for Architects

What stage of the project you’re at and how you want to be paid will determine what type of invoice to use. A lengthy construction project means you’ll want to use recurring invoicing. And at the beginning of a job you can use a Pro Forma invoice to quote a price.

Here are the most common invoice types in architecture:

  • Standard Invoice: A basic invoice that can be customized for different projects and pricing structures.
  • Recurring Invoice: A good option if you’re involved in a lengthy project and want to bill  in stages. The invoice format remains the same, you just update the services and number of hours you’re billing for.
  • Pro Forma Invoice: Architects can use a Pro Forma invoice to quote a fee at the beginning of a project and include conditions that will affect the final price. If the project details aren’t yet confirmed, this invoice gives the client an idea of what the final cost will be. You can edit the invoice and resubmit it when project details are firmed up.


Download Free Templates

Download an Architecture Invoice Template for Free

Download the free architecture invoice template and easily create professional invoices for your freelance design work, whether you’re based in the US, Canada, the UK or elsewhere.

As a freelancer, cash flow is especially critical. It’s important to send clients invoices that are easy to understand and, as a result, easy to pay. This customized invoice template is designed just for architects and other design professionals to make this process easier.

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What Is an Architecture Invoice Template Used For?

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