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House Cleaning Invoice Template

Create and send professional invoices for your house cleaning business. FreshBooks allows you to create fully customized, automated invoices to get you paid 2x faster.

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The Best Invoicing for House Cleaners

Get paid for your house cleaning gigs by sending professional, detailed invoices. Download the free house cleaning invoice template from FreshBooks to get started.

Invoice with FreshBooks instead.

Get Your Free House Cleaning Invoice Template

Are you looking for an easy way to invoice your clients for your house cleaning services?

The house cleaning invoice template from FreshBooks can help you create detailed and professional invoices to bill your clients the right way. Want to know the best part? The template is free and takes a few minutes to fill out. Get paid for your home cleaning services the right way. With a house cleaning service invoice template, you can send your bill to your clients without having to worry about any invoicing mistakes that could hold up the payments.

Get started today by downloading the template below, customize it and send it to your clients. It’s that simple.

Available for download in .DOC, .XLS, .PDF, Google Docs and Google Sheets. View our complete list on this page.

Download the House Cleaning Invoice Template

Invoice With Freshbooks

Window Cleaning

After you get those windows squeaky-clean, it’s time to get paid for all your hard work. With the window cleaning invoice template, all you have to do is download, customize and send. Get that money in your pocket.

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Commercial Cleaning

As a commercial cleaning company, professionalism and customer satisfaction are your top priorities. Make sure your business invoices put your best foot forward with the commercial cleaning invoice template.

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House Cleaning Work Order

Cleaning houses is hard work. Get paid what you are due with the free house cleaning work order template. Download it here to get started with professional invoicing today.

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Invoice With Freshbooks

Free House Cleaning Invoice Template

Focus on what matters most in your business and send professional invoices to get paid the right way. The free house cleaning invoice template is ready for you to download, customize and send in minutes.

Download as:

What Is a House Cleaning Invoice Used For?

You clean every nook and cranny of your client’s home with great attention to detail. Invoicing your clients with the same focus on detail is important too. Residential cleaning is an important and valuable service that deserves to be paid accurately and on time.

The purpose of sending a house cleaning invoice is to let your clients know what they owe for your cleaning services. In addition to billing your clients, an invoice is useful for recording important financial information and keeping client payments in check.

A house services invoice template is designed to provide important information regarding your services, so that your clients know exactly what they are paying for.

There are many reasons for using housekeeping invoices for your business. House cleaning invoice templates are easy to use and fully customizable. Check out the many benefits of the house cleaning invoice template below.

  • Keep detailed record of transactions
  • Organize payments for house cleaning services
  • Avoid missed payment due dates
  • Record necessary information for filing taxes
  • Make note of debts and late payments
  • Describe cleaning services performed
  • Simplify and organize your bookkeeping

A well-developed house cleaning invoice will do more than request a payment—it will serve as a record for important transaction and payment information. Having these materials carefully documented helps to ensure accurate accounting and hassle-free tax filing.

With the FreshBooks cleaning company examples available at the touch of a button, there is no need to rely on complicated or expensive bookkeeping tools. Cleaning invoice templates can be adapted to suit any service, from deep cleaning a home to providing weekly cleaning services to an office.

Whether you clean homes in the UK, in the US or elsewhere in the world, you can create and send professional invoice for free by following the cleaning invoice template.

How to Create a House Cleaning Invoice

Creating an invoice for your house cleaning services can be quick and easy with the help of the cleaning invoice template from FreshBooks. Download the free cleaning service invoice template today to get started.

To create a detailed and professional invoice, you should include descriptions of the services you’ve provided with a breakdown of their costs. It is also helpful to include payment instructions and terms so that there is no room for confusion. Create your very own invoices for your house cleaning business today, with the free cleaning service invoice templates from FreshBooks.

  1. Download the free house cleaning invoice template from FreshBooks
  2. Add your business name and contact information
  3. Insert your cleaning business branding and logo
  4. Fill in client’s name and contact information
  5. Create a unique invoice number
  6. Add an issue date and due date
  7. List cleaning services that you’ve provided with costs for each
  8. Add up total cost and list it at bottom of invoice
  9. Create payment terms and detailed payment instructions
  10. Send your house cleaning invoice directly to client via FreshBooks, email or direct mail.

The free cleaning invoice template allows a great deal of leeway so that you can customize the template to best suit your business’s needs. Whether you haul away people’s junk or scrub their floors until they shine, the FreshBooks house cleaning invoice can work for you.

It is recommended that you describe the cleaning services that you have provided so that the client understands the charges that have been made. A breakdown of the cost helps them stay informed and organized as well.

To make the payment process easy on your client, it is smart to include clear payment instructions and a due date for the payment. With this information, you are sure to get paid on time and the right way.

Invoice Types for House Cleaners

Choosing the right invoice template for your house cleaning business is very important. You want to select a template that best suits the needs of you and your clients.

Since you probably have a wide variety of clients, there likely isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

Fortunately, the FreshBooks cleaning invoice template is customizable so you can create the type of invoice that best suits each client. There are a few invoice types to consider when you are billing your clients.

  • Standard Invoice: A Standard Invoice is pretty basic. It describes exactly what the client owes for your cleaning services
  • Recurring Invoice: A Recurring Invoice is sent to collect regular or recurring payments. This is useful to bill clients that have you clean their homes weekly or bi-weekly
  • Prepayment Invoice: A Prepayment Invoice is useful when you want to collect a deposit or down payment before performing your cleaning services. You can use this with new clients before a trusting relationship has been built
  • Time-Based Invoice: A Time-Based Invoice is used to bill clients for tracked time that you’ve spent cleaning their homes
  • Credit Invoice: A Credit Invoice, also known as a “credit memo,” is used to notify clients of credits made to their accounts. This can be used in cases of refunds or rebates
  • Debit Invoice: A Debit Invoice notifies the client of an increase in the amount that is owed for your services
  • Mixed Invoice: A Mixed Invoice is a statement that includes charges and credits made on a client’s account

Using the free printable house cleaning invoice template makes it easy to collect payments from your clients upon the completion of your services as well.

Download Free Templates

Download a House Cleaning Invoice Template for Free

Creating a housekeeping invoice has never been easier. With the help of the free templates, you can send invoices and get paid for your hard work in no time.

As a house cleaner, you can create professional invoices for your clients in a matter of minutes. The house cleaning company invoice template will help you bypass the complicated tools and get paid right away. What are you waiting for? Get paid for your services the right way.

House Cleaning Invoice Templates FAQs

How do I invoice a house cleaning service?

Now that you have done the hard work, it’s time to get paid! But dealing with complicated invoicing software or expensive accountants can be a hassle, not to mention a waste of money.

With the free house cleaning invoice template from FreshBooks, you won’t have to worry about any of that.

The invoice template is practical and easy to customize, and lets you clearly show your clients the details of the house cleaning service that you have provided.

Simply fill in the empty fields, include the invoice number and date, and be sure to include your billing information.

It’s the best way to make sure that your cleaning service company gets paid on time and the right way. Since you are a house cleaning service professional, you deserve invoicing software that is as professional as you are.

How much should you charge someone to clean their house?

According to Home Advisor, the average national price of a house cleaning charge is $120 to $150.

However, there are many factors that should be taken into consideration when estimating a house cleaning service. The size of the house and the level of cleaning that the client is after are the most important information to take into consideration, but the pricing can also vary from state to state and even city to city.

If you are doing residential home cleaning in a small town for instance, you will be charging your clients differently to an industrial office job.

If the client is after a specialty cleaning, such as a window cleaning estimate, you will need to check with your state to see what the average charge is.

How do you quote a cleaning job?

Before you provide your services to a client, you will first need to send a quote so they know your pricing and can see what you are offering.

This is not only a way to show clients what services you offer, but is also a great way to get the name of your business out there and drum up more business. Because this is such an important step, it’s a good idea to use a professional template so that no mistakes are made.

FreshBooks provides professional cleaning quotation templates that will let clients know why you are the best in the business, and saves you from having to labor over making one from scratch.

Once they have reviewed your services and have reached out for a job offer, you can move on to creating a contract with a fully customizable, free contract template to keep everything tidy and above board.

How do I file taxes for house cleaning?

When it’s time to file your taxes, there are different factors at play to decide what form you should file.

The most important aspect is whether you have been hired as an employee by a client, or if you run a business as a self-employed contractor.

If you provide your own cleaning products and dictate what duties you provide on your own, you are more likely to be considered a self-employed independent contractor. Cleaning contracts are generally provided by self-employed contractors as opposed to employees.

However, if your client is the one asking you to come at a certain time and do specific duties with their own supply of cleaning products, you are more likely to be considered an employee.

How do you charge for carpet cleaning?

If you run a carpet cleaning company or are looking to charge for carpet cleaning services, you will need to bill your clients with a carpet cleaning invoice once you have provided the service.

A carpet cleaning invoice template is a helpful guide that makes sure that you are sending your clients an accurate and professional document.

FreshBooks has a range of templates suitable for the carpet cleaning businesses, which keeps track of individual carpet cleaning invoices for you so that you have everything ready for tax time.

How much do professional carpet cleaners make?

The average salary for a professional carpet cleaner in the United States is $29,958 annually, according to GlassDoor.

This number may vary from state to state, so remember to check your state for more up to date information on carpet cleaning salaries.

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