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Notary Invoice Template

It’s time for an invoicing solution that’s as meticulous as you are. FreshBooks lets you create accurate invoices that get paid faster. Grow your notary business today with FreshBooks.

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The Best Invoicing for Notaries

Get started creating professional invoices to bill clients for your notary services. Download your free notary invoice template and request payment for your work.

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Get Your Free Notary Invoice Template

As a notary, your job is to act as a neutral witness to the signing of important documents and oath-taking in legal processes. If you charge a fee for your services, it’s important to have a template to lighten the invoicing workload.

FreshBooks makes this process easy for you with our free notary invoice template. With plenty of notary invoice samples to choose from, you can select and customize the templates on the go.

As a notary, you will be working with diverse clients. Making a notary invoice for each unique client can be a time-consuming process. By downloading the FreshBooks free invoice template, you can start billing clients right away.

Available in .DOC, .XLS, or .PDF., Google Docs and Google Sheets

Download the Notary Invoice Template

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As a notary, you understand the importance of professional-looking documentation. Download the free notary invoice template from FreshBooks to create detailed invoices for your clients so you can request payment.

Download as:

What Is a Notary Invoice Used For?

A notary invoice can save you a lot of time. By using a template you can fill it out within minutes, and it also makes it easy to file and track for tax season and other future reference points. If you have repeat clients who use your services time and again through the month, you can try retainer invoices to make it even easier.

With a notary public invoice template, you do not have to remember specific details of the transaction. By immediately logging all the fee details on to the notary invoice you ensure that you save order data.

A notary invoice will include all relevant details, including:

  • Your name or company name
  • Contact details of the company
  • Contact details of the witness
  • Date of the invoice
  • Details and names of the witness
  • A complete description of all the expenses incurred
  • Relevant information on the feed charged
  • Total of all the expenses
  • Added fees

The FreshBooks free notary invoice template offers the advantage of customization to match the needs of your clients. You can edit all fields and add relevant information according to your desire and business structure. The notary invoice samples are also editable for specific clients and unique cases as well.

With the printer-friendly notary invoice in PDF and Excel formats, you can enjoy even more flexibility. You can even download these invoice templates and use them in Google Sheets.

How to Create a Notary Invoice

FreshBooks makes simplicity a priority. We know you want to get back to work, so the free notary invoice template keeps the billing process short and pain-free. Simplifying the payment process can not only save you time but the headache of having to build individual invoices from scratch every time.

The process of creating a notary invoice is simple. Follow the steps below and set up your very own notary invoice in seconds:

  1. Download a free notary invoice template. Select any desired format (PDF, Excel, Google Sheets, etc.)
  2. Start customizing your template by adding a company logo or personal headshot. Choose a font and color to make the template your own.
  3. Add important contact details such as your name, business name and contact details.
  4. Add a description of the services performed by the witness.
  5. Outline information on the fee charged and any other expenses.
  6. Enter the witnesses name and any other relevant contact details.
  7. Add the amount and fill in the ‘Total’ section of the notary invoice.
  8. Proceed with the transaction by selecting a payment method that is being used.
  9. Add relevant comments in the notes section. For example, the terms and conditions of your business or privacy policy, etc.
  10. Save

FreshBooks makes it possible for you to create your very own notary invoice with ease.

All you need to do is follow the simple steps described above and customize your template and you will be good to go. As an extra measure, make sure you save the template with your company information on it so you can duplicate for future use.

Types of Notary Invoices

With no two cases being the same, you would need to use different types of notary invoices to meet your needs. This is why FreshBooks templates are editable to the last detail. You can choose and change the notary invoice template according to diverse cases and have the same flexibility with your invoicing process that you do with your work.

The various types of notary invoices include:

  • Notary Oaths and Affirmations Invoices
  • Signature Witnessing Notary Invoices
  • Copy Certifications Notary Invoices
  • Jurat Notary Invoice
  • Standard Notary Public Invoice
  • Affidavit

No matter what attorney notary invoice you create, you can completely control the customization. Being able to edit all fields makes it easier for you to personalize the notary invoice template. No matter the type.

Download Free Templates

Download the Notary Invoice Template Free

Find out why business owners from the US to the UK are turning to invoice templates for their business needs.

FreshBooks takes care of everything for you by letting you get right down to business. Download a free notary invoice template and start customizing right away. No need to make one from scratch!

Upgrade Your Invoice Template with Freshbooks

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