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Real Estate Invoice Template

Invoice the quicker, easier way so you can get back to closing deals. Create invoices online with FreshBooks and access helpful customer service to grow your real estate business.

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The Best Invoicing for Real Estate Agents

Impress clients with professional invoices customized to your business. Download the free real estate invoice template from FreshBooks and start billing for your services today.

Invoice with FreshBooks instead.

Download Your Free Real Estate Invoice Template

Real estate agents create professional invoices for a range of transactions, including billing for their residential sales commissions and collecting payment on commercial deals.

The real estate invoice templates from FreshBooks let you create custom invoices for free. Select from the invoices below and get started tailoring your bills to fit your business needs. Customized invoices are the perfect accounting tool for all real estate professionals, including agents, brokers and realtors.

Download your free real estate invoice template in the format that works best for your business: .DOC, .XLS, .PDF, Google Docs and Google Sheets. View all our free invoices here.

Download a Real Estate Invoice Template

Invoice With Freshbooks

Real Estate Commission

You’ve worked hard to sell a property and now you need to collect your commission. The real estate commission invoice template captures all the important information to get you paid, including details about the property.

Download as:

Real Estate Photography

Create detailed invoices to charge clients for real estate photography. Outline services and add charges for any props or furnishings you bought for the shoot. Download the free real estate photography invoice.

Download as:

Real Estate Tax

If you need to pay real estate taxes at your local government collections office, a real estate tax invoice template can help you properly submit your property tax bill. Download the free real estate tax invoice now.

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Invoice With Freshbooks

Commercial Real Estate

You want to get paid for closing a commercial sale and a commercial real estate invoice can help outline the details of the deal. Customize your invoices and request your sales commission with this free-to-use template.

Download as:

What Is a Real Estate Invoice Template Used For?

Real estate invoices are used by agents, brokers and realtors to collect commissions on the sale of residential and commercial properties. Real estate invoices offer information specific to the industry, including details about the property sold, the sale price and the agent’s commission rate.

Real estate invoices help agents get paid for their sales commissions. They also record important accounting information. Invoices help agents track their home sales, compare their year-over-year commission revenue and provide important insights about the financial health of the business.

How to Create a Real Estate Invoice

Agents, brokers and realtors can create professional real estate invoices by following this guide:

  1. Download the free real estate invoice template from FreshBooks
  2. Include your business logo in the invoice header
  3. Add your business contact information including name, address, email address and phone number
  4. Add your client’s contact details, including the client’s name, address, email address and phone number
  5. Create a unique invoice number and include the invoice date and payment due date
  6. Include the full address of each property included on the bill
  7. Include the sale price for each property
  8. Include your sales commission rate
  9. Include the total amount due for the invoice and add applicable taxes
  10. Describe your payment terms, including any late fees charged for overdue payment
  11. Send the completed invoice by email or mail

Invoice Types for Real Estate Professionals

Real estate agents, brokers and realtors can use various types of invoices for their different billing needs. Some common invoices used by real estate professionals include:

Standard Invoice: Real estate professionals can create standard invoices to charge for their sales commissions. Just outline the property details, the sale price and your commission rate, along with the total payment due and the payment deadline.

Expense Report: If you’re an agent working for a large real estate company, you can create expense reports to get reimbursed by your employer for business-related expenses, like buying furnishings for a listing, taking clients out for coffee or meals and parking expenses.

Past Due Invoice: If an invoice is overdue and you haven’t received payment, you can send a past due invoice as a reminder of the outstanding balance. List the payment due date, the total amount owing and add any late fees.

Download Free Templates

Download a Real Estate Invoice Template for Free

Create detailed invoices customized to the real estate industry and get paid for your sales. Download the free real estate invoice template from FreshBooks to start collecting your commissions right away. FreshBooks offers simplified accounting solutions for small businesses from North America to the UK.

Send professional invoices now with the free real estate invoice template.

Upgrade Your Invoice Template with FreshBooks

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