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Locksmith Invoice Template

Stop the endless cycle of ignored, lost or unpaid invoices. FreshBooks’ invoicing software helps locksmiths easily make and track invoices and send reminders for overdue payments.

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The Best Invoicing for Locksmiths

Spend less time tracking down who owes you what.T he free downloadable locksmith invoice template makes it easy to be crystal clear about when you want to be paid and how.

Invoice with FreshBooks instead.

Get Your Free Locksmith Invoice Templat

As a locksmith, keys are your specialty. But do you know the key to billing your clients?

Soon you will, by using a free locksmith invoice template. Save time and money on invoicing by downloading, customizing and sending professional invoices in just a few minutes.

Unlock your payment by creating and sending your first invoice. With the help of the free resources from FreshBooks, billing has never been more simple.

Available for download in .DOC, .XLS, or .PDF., Google Docs and Google Sheets. Browse more invoice template formats.

Download a Locksmith Invoice Template

Invoice With Freshbooks

Locksmith Work Order

The FreshBooks locksmith work order helps you to assign tasks to your employees, bill for services and more. Fill out a work order so that your client’s needs are fulfilled with detail and care.

Download as:

What Is a Locksmith Invoice Used For?

You have unlocked doors, installed locks and made many keys, but are you happy with how you’re getting paid?

As a locksmith, it is important to bill your clients for your hard work. Creating and sending a professional invoice helps to ensure that you are getting your money the way you want it––on time.

Your business is important. A well-written invoice will help you to keep track of all work that is done and transactions that are made. This way, you have all the essential information on hand when the time to file taxes rolls around.

With well-kept books and nicely documented financial information, it’s easy to track the growth of your business over time. The benefits of using a locksmith invoice template are endless.

  • Document important financial information for tax time
  • Keep track of all sales transactions
  • Stay on top of client payments
  • Avoid missed payments and missed due dates
  • Make note of debtors and outstanding balances
  • Detail all charges, including locksmith services provided and materials used
  • Keep bookkeeping quick and simple

How to Create a Locksmith Invoice

As a locksmith or general handyman, creating an invoice may be a little out of your wheelhouse. Lucky for you, the locksmith invoice template from FreshBooks makes billing your clients as simple as can be.

To create your first professional invoice, all you’ve got to do is download the template, follow a few steps and send it on its way.

  1. Download your free locksmith invoice template online from FreshBooks
  2. Add a touch of your business’s branding by including your logo, preferred font and color scheme
  3. Create a unique invoice number and add to the invoice
  4. Put your business name and contact information at the top of the invoice
  5. List the locksmith services you’ve performed with a description and price for each
  6. Insert your client’s name, business and contact information
  7. Add up the total cost of services provided and list at the bottom of the invoice
  8. Give detailed instructions for payment method and due date
  9. List any additional payment details
  10. Save

It is time to create your own professional invoices. Download the locksmith invoice forms from FreshBooks to get started.

Customize the form to better represent your brand by altering the color scheme and adding your logo. Create a unique invoice number so that the invoice and payment can both be easily tracked and recorded.

Add contact details for both you and your client. List the locksmith services that you have provided with a breakdown of the costs for each. Be sure to make what the client owes, when the payment is due and how it should be paid.

From North America to the UK, FreshBooks is the go-to when it comes to creating and sending invoices. Skip the accountant and take charge of your bookkeeping today.

Invoice Types for Locksmiths

Like every key, every client is very different. Each service that you perform will require an equally unique invoice.

Luckily, FreshBooks has got your back. The free locksmith invoice template is customizable to fit the specific needs of both you and your clients.

Whether your client is a one-timer or a regular, there are many options when it comes to choosing the type of invoice that you will create.

There are a few ways you can go when it comes to invoicing. Let’s explore some of the types of invoice templates that you can use for your clients.

  • Standard Invoice: A basic invoice that lists services provided and total cost
  • Prepayment Invoice: An invoice that is used to collect a portion of the total before services are provided
  • Mixed Invoice: Details charges and credits made to a client’s account
  • Credit Invoice: Signifies a credit that has been made to a client’s account in the case of refund
  • Debit Invoice: An invoice that is used to signify an increase in the total amount owed to a business
  • Recurring Invoice: Collects money on a regular basis, such as in the case of a subscription to services

The FreshBooks invoice templates were created to be customizable so that they could be used to best suit the needs of hardworking locksmiths like you.

All you have to do is download the free locksmith invoice template and fill out your information. Your invoice will be ready to send in minutes. You have the key to getting paid today.

Download Free Templates

Download a Locksmith Invoice Template for Free

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to get paid. In order to make that happen, you should first download the locksmith invoice template from FreshBooks.

Create your own detailed and professional invoice template to get paid for your hard work.

Upgrade Your Invoice Template with FreshBooks

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