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Subcontractor Invoice Template

Use the free subcontractor invoice template from FreshBooks to send professional invoices to clients. Add your logo, fill in the job details and send a better-looking invoice in minutes.

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Get Your Free Subcontractor Invoice Template

As a subcontractor, it may seem like a confusing process when it comes to billing the companies that you work with. While the terms may be outlined in the contract, it may be up to you to send invoices and get compensated for your work.

Fortunately, billing for subcontracted work is now easier than ever with the free subcontractor invoice template from FreshBooks. Simply download, customize and send invoices in a matter of minutes.

Available for download in .PDF, .XLS, .DOC, Google Docs and Google Sheets. Browse all invoice templates here.

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Free Subcontractor Invoice Template

Take your business invoicing into your own hands with the subcontractor invoice template from FreshBooks. Download for free, customize and send to your clients to start getting paid right away.

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What Is a Subcontractor Invoice Used for?

As a subcontractor, your relationship with your client is very unique. Your client may do the same sort of work as you do, so the expectations are set very high. You may also be working independently and aren’t sure how to go about billing your client.

A subcontractor invoice is a breakdown of the services provided, the costs and how your client should compensate you for your work. In addition to being a billing method, it also helps you keep your business finances organized for accounting purposes and for when it’s time to file your taxes.

If you are looking for a simple, affordable solution to billing for subcontractor jobs, it may be time to try a customizable subcontractor invoice template.

At FreshBooks, we’ve made it easy to download the template, customize to your needs and send in a matter of minutes.

Looking for a reason to use a subcontractor invoice? Check out some of the benefits below.

  • Record important financial information
  • Track client payments
  • Stay on top of due dates and missed payments
  • Organize important information for tax time
  • Keep track of all transactions
  • Create a log for outstanding debts and debtors
  • Include descriptions of services and charges
  • Keep bookkeeping simple

Collecting your hard-earned paycheck is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to invoicing. A professional invoice is useful in recording financial information and documenting transactions. It is important to have this information on file.

A subcontractor invoice lists your services, the total cost, payment details, due dates and more. Including all of this information helps prevent confusion and late or missed payments. On your end, properly documented invoices ensure that all necessary information is easily accessible to avoid headaches at tax time. That is surely worth a sigh of relief.

How to Create a Subcontractor Invoice

Create detailed, professional invoices for your subcontracted work. With the free subcontractor invoice template from FreshBooks, all you have to do is download the template, customize and send.

Not sure what to include in your invoice? Below we outline what details to add to your invoices to get paid the right way, every time.

  1. Download the free subcontractor invoice template from FreshBooks
  2. Fill in your business name and contact information
  3. Add business media and logo
  4. Input client’s name or business and contact details
  5. Create and add a unique invoice number to template
  6. Add invoice date and due date
  7. List services provided with descriptions and costs for each
  8. Calculate the total cost and add it to bottom of the list
  9. Add payment terms and all additional information
  10. Send invoice to your client via FreshBooks, email or direct mail

The FreshBooks subcontractor invoice template is easy to customize to fit the needs of you and your clients. A good invoice will have detailed descriptions of the services that have been provided with a breakdown of their costs. This will help you keep your finances organized and in check.

It is wise to include payment instructions and the expected due date for your services so that your clients are able to complete the payment easily. This small step helps to ensure that you get paid in a timely fashion.

Invoice Types for Subcontractors

As a subcontractor, you likely offer a range of services – and not every subcontractor is the same. For that reason, you can’t rely on a one-size-fits-all approach.

The FreshBooks subcontractor invoice template allows you to create an invoice that works perfectly with your business. After all, you do know your business better than anyone. You have the power to create the right invoice for you.

There are a variety of subcontractor invoices available to you, depending on your payment schedule and the needs of your clients.

  • Standard Invoice: A Standard Invoice is exactly what it sounds like. It states exactly how much the client owes your business for the services you’ve provided
  • Recurring Invoice: A Recurring Invoice can be used to bill for ongoing payments from clients. This sort of invoice would be used to bill for monthly services or a subscription
  • Prepayment Invoice: This type of invoice is sent to collect a deposit or down payment on services before the final total is due
  • Time-Based Invoice: A Time-Based Invoice is used to bill clients for tracked time for you performing work or services. An hourly invoice is a prime example of a Time-Based invoice
  • Credit Invoice: Also known as a “credit memo,” a Credit Invoice notes any credits that have been made to the client’s account in the event of a refund or rebate
  • Debit Invoice: A Debit Invoice notes a raise in the total cost that increases the amount that the client owes you
  • Mixed Invoice: A Mixed Invoice is a statement that includes charges and credits made to an account. These numbers are added to come up with a positive or negative balance

No matter if you work in the US, the UK or somewhere else in the world, you need an invoice method that’s tailored to you.

Download Free Templates

Download a Subcontractor Invoice Template for Free

As a subcontractor, you can quickly create professional invoices with the help of the subcontractor invoice template from FreshBooks.

Download, customize, get paid.

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