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Google Sheets Invoice Template

Discover how to create a professional invoice today with Google Sheets invoice templates from FreshBooks.

Download Google Sheets Invoice Template

Customisable and easy to use, professional invoice templates provide the framework to impress clients and streamline your business. Downloadable invoice templates allow you to keep digital storage of your documents and easily submit a VAT return report every 3 months.

Start sending professional invoices instantly with the free Google Sheets professional invoice template or any of the industry invoice templates below, and check out our selection of invoice templates for more options.

Free Invoice Generator

Create a professional invoice at a moment’s notice with the Free Invoice Generator. Create invoices online with ease as invoice generator allows you to generate a tailored, professional invoice in minutes.

More Invoice Template Formats

Word Invoice Template

Word invoice templates provide a simple solution for invoicing on a widely used program, offering compatibility with many different types of devices and software.

Excel Invoice Template

Excel invoice templates are easy to edit and offer formulas that make calculations a breeze. They help save time and reduce errors by doing the calcuations for you.

Google Docs Invoice Template

Google Docs invoice templates offer a collaborative experience. Different users can edit documents simultaneously, making it ideal for businesses with remote teams or client collaboration.

PDF Invoice Template

PDF invoice templates offer a file format that is widely used and accessible to many. These templates have the option of password protection to keep sensitive payment information secure.

Invoice Templates by Industry

Trades & Home

Designed with your work in mind, our trades and home invoices let you create separate sections for taxes, materials, and labour to provide clear invoices for your clients.


Customisable and easy-to-use legal templates let you show costs, produce invoices on the fly, and save time in your busy schedule.

Marketing & Creatives

With invoices for marketing and creatives, you can demonstrate your creativity with customisable features that make your sales invoice reflect the level of detail you bring to your work.


Impress clients and get paid faster with professional invoices that are tailored to the needs of big and small business owners.


Generic templates feature highly customisable details that allow you to tailor your own invoices with industry specifics that suit the dynamic services you offer to your clients.


Medical professionals know how important it is to be detailed and accurate. Make it easy for patients to understand what they’re paying for with clear invoices tailored to your medical business.


Provide clients with clear estimates for your auto business using easily customisable invoices that are tailored to fit a variety of auto industry needs.

Online VAT Calculator

Remove the stress of calculations by using our free online VAT calculator. Simply input the price and select the rate to determine how much VAT to add or subtract.

Google Sheets Invoice Template vs. FreshBooks

Invoice templates let you boost your business with professional and customisable features, but nothing beats the ongoing support you get from FreshBooks accounting and billing software. Here are the key ways FreshBooks’ features help your invoicing process:

Google Sheet Invoice Template




google sheets Invoice Template

Flexible invoice templates

Printable formats

Email invoices at no cost


Keep digital records for the HMRC’s 6-year requirement

Accept payments on invoices

Schedule invoices

Automate payment reminders and late fees

Manage paid and outstanding invoices

Set up deposits for projects

Add discounts and credits to invoices

Automate recurring subscription invoices

Create and send invoices via mobile devices

Access your invoices FOREVER on the cloud 🔥

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Helpful Resources

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add discounts to the Google Sheets invoice?

Both percentage-based, and flat-rate discounts can be applied to Google Sheets invoices. For percentage-based discounts, scroll to the bottom of the invoice and click ‘Add a Discount.’ Input a percentage into the box and click ‘Add Discount.’ For flat rate discounts, click ‘Add a Line’ and input the discount in the rate field with a minus sign in front of it.

Can I add additional columns to the Google Sheets invoice?

Additional columns can be added to your Google Sheets invoice in two easy steps. First, click anywhere in the column next to where you want your new column. Click ‘Insert’ in the toolbar and select either ‘Column Right’ or ‘Column Left’ in the drop-down menu. A new column will then appear on your sheet.

Is the Google Sheets invoice template mobile-friendly?

The free invoice template is mobile-friendly for users with the Google Sheets app downloaded on their devices. Click on the invoice template using your device, and you’ll find it saved in your Google Sheets dashboard.

Is Google Sheets good for invoicing?

Google Sheets is an ideal platform for creating invoices. Their user-friendly interface offers easy collaboration with clients or employees, allowing multiple users to access and edit the same file. Their pre-input formulas also allow you to calculate totals quickly and without hassle.

How can I add my business logo to the Google Sheets invoice template?

Hover your cursor in the top left corner of the invoice template, and a box will appear. Drag your logo file from your desktop into the box, or click the box to select a file to upload. Once your file is uploaded, your logo will appear.


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