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PDF Invoice Template

Create clear invoices with PDF invoice templates from FreshBooks and start sending professional invoices today.

Download a PDF Invoice Template

Discover an invoice that fits your needs with FreshBooks’ easy-to-use PDF invoice templates. Our free invoice templates are customisable to fit your unique business, so you can save time and get paid faster. Once you’ve filled out the template, download it for free and send it out immediately. Browse our selection of professional invoice templates for even more options.

Looking for templates specific to your industry? Find industry templates below for details and layouts catered to your business.

Free Invoice Generator

Want to find out if a PDF invoice template is right for you? The free invoice generator lets you make one free basic invoice template so you can test whether digital invoices fit your business.

More Invoice Template Formats

Word Invoice Template

Skip all the formatting details and get straight to business with a Microsoft Word invoice template. Simply fill in the existing fields, customise any fonts and logos, and you’re ready to go.

Excel Invoice Template

Make the math easy with an Excel invoice template. Excel’s built-in formulas help you quickly calculate any totals for a straightforward, accurate service invoice template.

Google Docs Invoice Template

Google Docs offers a great online option with pre-formatted FreshBooks invoices ready to be customised and sent.

Google Sheet Invoice Template

Google Sheets is another convenient online solution — it comes with straightforward formula and calculation features, so all you have to do is enter your product information and tax rates and the calcuations are done for you.

Invoice Templates by Industry

Trades & Home

Find professional, customisable invoices for construction, contracting, plumbing templates, and more. FreshBooks’ detailed trades and home business templates make it easy for you to get started with your invoicing and payments process today.


Explore customisable templates for various legal services, including attorney law and notary law. Find templates for law firms and independent lawyers, and start building your next invoice today. 

Marketing & Creatives

FreshBooks’ creative invoice templates for photography, acting, interior design, and marketing businesses allow you to create invoices that are as detailed as the work you offer to your clients. Download today and explore features to help you build your next invoice.


Showcase your company or small business with clear, professional invoices for a variety of industry types. FreshBooks’ invoices for business owners make it easy to tailor details and deliver accurate invoices every time.


Customise your invoice to your business’s specific needs with generic invoice templates that let you add sections and details to reflect the unique services you offer.


FreshBooks makes it easy to find professional and detailed invoices for a range of medical services so you can save time on billing and focus on patient care.


From minor repairs to major sales and transportation, auto invoice templates let you tailor both small and big details so you can send clients clear, accurate invoices for your services.

Online VAT Calculator

Calculating the VAT is an essential part of any invoice. FreshBooks UK takes the hassle out of VAT calculations with the free online VAT calculator. You won’t need to look up any formulas or percentages – simply plug the amounts into the calculator and FreshBooks adds or subtracts the VAT. You can also automatically submit your VAT returns through the software, making it easy to ensure your invoices and expenses are HMRC Recognised.

PDF Invoice Template vs. FreshBooks

A free PDF invoice template is a great way to test out whether invoice templates are the right fit for you, but you’re limited to just one blank invoice template download. Discover FreshBooks’ full suite of accounting and billing services for long-term support that allows you to create professional invoice templates for your business. Check out the key differences between the free PDF invoice template and our full-service platform:

PDF Invoice Template




free Invoice Template

Flexible invoice templates

Printable formats

Email invoices at no cost

Accept payments on invoices

Schedule invoices

Automate payment reminders and late fees

Manage paid and outstanding invoices

Set up deposits for projects

Add discounts and credits to invoices

Automate recurring subscription invoices

Create and send invoices via mobile devices

Access your invoices FOREVER on the cloud 🔥

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Helpful Resources

FreshBooks UK Resource Hub caters to all of your small business needs. Packed with a treasure trove of knowledge and advice, our hub is your one-stop solution for success. Read up on invoicing, MTD, and more in-depth resources for growing your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a free invoice template for my business?

A free invoice template PDF lets you create customisable, professional invoices quickly and easily. It’s also a helpful way to ensure you remember all the important details.

How do I customise a free invoice template to suit my business needs?

Free PDF invoice templates include a variety of industry customisation options so you can tailor your invoice to your customer and business needs. Fillable fields let you include important information like client and contact details, while spaces for logos and branding give your invoice a personal touch.

Does an invoice template PDF include taxes and discounts?

Yes, you can include taxes and discounts on an invoice template PDF. Customisable fields make it easy to adapt the template to your billing needs, and tools like the VAT calculator help you add accurate taxes to your invoice.

Can I add terms and conditions to the invoice template PDF?

Yes, you can add any payment information–including terms and conditions–to an invoice template PDF. Once you’ve filled in all the billing information, adding details like payment terms can help you get paid on time.

Does an invoice template PDF work on all devices?

Invoice template PDFs can be used on a variety of devices, including desktop, laptop, and mobile. Before you send invoices to clients it can be helpful to check the appearance on multiple devices to ensure your logos and graphic design appear as you wish.


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