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Accounting Software Built for Churches

Small church accounting can be an intimidating task, and most churches can’t hire a full-time accountant. FreshBooks can offer your church solutions to make accounting fast and easy. That way you can spend less time with filling out paperwork for the church fund, and more time keeping the church running. The best part is that FreshBooks is free to try. Before long you will see that this is the best choice for accounting software.

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Church Accounting Software That Will Change Accounting

Switching to FreshBooks has never been easier. Whether you’re a volunteer that keeps track of the bookkeeping for the church or an accountant, FreshBooks simplifies your tasks with no accounting software experience needed. FreshBooks is the best church accounting software available.

With FreshBooks you can create and manage church projects. Create invoices to track donations. Manage church expenses with ease. Add non-invoiced income when needed. The dashboard and reports can provide new insights to help reduce church costs.

It’s all here for you in one smart accounting software package.

Accounting Software

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Accounting Software That Saves You Time

Put FreshBooks’ features to work for you with time-saving tasks. FreshBooks can organize Church expenses, follow up with church members, and track time.
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Create Professional Looking Invoices in Seconds

FreshBooks makes it easier for your church members to track donations. Create professional looking donation statements, and customize emails and reports.
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Simplify Donations

Make it easier for church members to make donations with FreshBooks Payments. Church members can securely make donations with their credit card or bank card and the funds can be transferred straight to the church’s bank account.

The Fastest Church Accounting Software For Sending Invoices

FreshBooks church accounting software makes it easy to create invoices to send to church members for their pledges. You can customize the invoice and add church information, and even send custom “thank you” emails to the congregation for their continued support. FreshBooks even works on Mac.

Accounting Software

Pledge Reminders

Setup automated reminder emails to church members to remind them about their monthly pledges to the church fund. FreshBooks has a set of default settings, or you can customize the terms and message.

Recurring Profiles

Do you have members of the congregation that donate the same amounts each month? You can create a recurring profile for each church member. FreshBooks will automatically send out the invoices for you.

Recurring Profiles

Do you have members of the congregation that donate the same amounts each month? You can create a recurring profile for each church member. FreshBooks will automatically send out the invoices for you.


FreshBooks church accounting software allows you to set up an automatic billing schedule that will allow you to charge your members’ cards securely.

Easily Organize Church Expenses

Enter the church expenses into the FreshBooks and that’s it. FreshBooks allows you to keep records of church expenses in the cloud. The FreshBooks non-profit church accounting software will automatically store and organize the information for you. That way you’re able to see the expenses each month to make sure that the church is financially healthy.

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Track Each Billable Moment

Sometimes you may have church members perform tasks that they need to be paid for. By using FreshBooks, you will have an accurate time log of how long they’ve worked and can transfer the information over to an invoice when needed as well.

Accounting Software

Project Management Software and Team Collaboration All In One

Has the church started a new project? With FreshBooks non-profit church accounting software, you have access to more than a simple accounting software. At your disposal, you have access to project management and team collaboration tools. Invite participants to the project, and keep the congregation updated on the latest updates. With this web-based church accounting software, you can make sure that everyone is using the most up to date files and information.

Accounting Software

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Simple, Secure Online Payments

Church members can donate money to the church quickly and easily right from their invoice. With just a couple of clicks, they can pay by card. FreshBooks makes it safe and easy to use.

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Set Clear Expectations With Estimates

Often you may need to review new projects with the congregation. FreshBooks allows you to create estimates that can be sent to the congregation. Even better, the congregation can accept the estimates so that the church can get started on the next work project. FreshBooks is there to support you through every step of the way.

Accounting Software

Work Anywhere With the FreshBooks Mobile Apps

As a volunteer, you may have limited times where you’re able to work on the church accounting. With the mobile app you can work on the accounting from home. If you need to send donation invoices to church members, you can send them right from the phone, and if anyone has questions you can answer them from within the app. The desktop app stays in sync, and also works on Mac computers as well due to being the best web-based church accounting program.

Accounting Software

Simple Financial Reports For Powerful Business Insights

FreshBooks makes it easy to keep records of church expenses and know how well the church is doing financially. The dashboard shows at a glance where the church stands, and come tax time, you’ll have the numbers you need to file taxes for the church.

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Profit & Loss Report

As a small church and a non-profit, profits aren’t a factor. A P&L report can tell you if the church is behind on donations.

Sales Tax Summary

Depending on your state, you may be exempt from paying sales taxes. If not, you can use this report to keep track of the amount of sales tax paid.

Accounts Aging

Did you recently do a pledge drive for the church? With this report, you can get a summary of invoices sent out that haven’t been paid yet.

Invoice Details

If any of your church members need another copy of their invoice you can search through past ones with this report.

Expense Reports

Keep track of church expenses so that you can get a clearer picture of what’s being spent each month.

Time Entry Details

Never have to guess how much time is spent on projects. FreshBooks allows you to add non-invoiced income right into the accounting software.

Payments Collected

See which members of the congregation or which donors have already contributed for the month. FreshBooks allows you to sort the information by date, client, payment method, and currency. This information can work with the expense report to see how healthy the church is.

Connect With Industry Leading Apps To Level Up Your Accounting

FreshBooks integrates with lots of apps you already use (and some new ones you’ll be glad you found) to make running your business a breeze.

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