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The Best Accounting Software For Digital Marketing

FreshBooks’ accounting software makes it easy for marketing agencies to manage their finances. Whether you’re a small business or a large creative enterprise, our platform lets you spend less time on billing and more time on your projects.

FreshBooks makes my life so much easier. I wish I had this when I first started my business!”

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Creating invoices and tracking payments doesn’t have to be difficult. With FreshBooks’ cloud-based accounting software, staying on top of your business is more effortless than ever before.

Cloud Accounting Software Designed for Your Digital Creative Agency

When you’re running a digital agency, time is money. And nothing eats up time like accounting – there are invoices to send, hours to keep track of, and books to balance.

FreshBooks makes it all seem simple. Billing clients can be done in just a few clicks. Late payments will be a thing of the past with automated reminders, built-in late fees, and scheduled auto-billing. Expenses are accurately tracked and presented in real-time in an easy-to-follow visual format. You can even keep team members, contractors, and customers in the loop without ever leaving the dashboard.

Even better, everything is stored in the cloud, so you can access your data from anywhere and while on the go. Instantly upload receipts, send invoices, and talk to clients no matter where you are with the FreshBooks mobile app.

Ready to make the switch? Sign up for a FreshBooks trial and discover how easy accounting can be with cloud-based software designed for your agency.

Intuitive, Beginner-Friendly Bookkeeping

Don’t have a background in project accounting? No problem. FreshBooks’ interface is built for business owners making it intuitive and easy-to-use, even if you have no experience in bookkeeping or accounting. Many tasks like expense organizing, time tracking, and client follow-up are automated. So you can sit back, relax, and let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Professional Custom Invoices

Every interaction with the client is an opportunity to nurture your relationship. Yes, that even includes your invoices. FreshBooks helps you create sleek, professional-looking invoices that are guaranteed to impress your clients. You’ll have access to a wide range of digital marketing invoice templates, perfect for large agencies and small businesses alike.

Automated, Accurate Reports

Staying on top of your financial reports helps you make more informed business decisions. No more messy spreadsheets and outdated charts – FreshBooks presents you with all of the data you need to succeed at a glance. Pull numbers instantly, whether you’re at your desk or not.

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Invoicing Software and Business Expense Tracking for Creative Agencies

Our software helps you get paid for the hard work that you do. Instead of wasting time by creating invoices from scratch, you can use one of FreshBooks’ professional invoice templates. 

Plus, you can make it easier for clients to pay you on time. Set up auto-billing for recurring clients and we’ll send out the invoices for you. Enable online credit card payments, allowing clients to pay off their balance in just a few clicks. You can also get notifications for overdue invoices and automatically add late fees to discourage delays.

Every invoice paid through FreshBooks is filed in your digital books in real-time. There’s no need to manually update your records, so you can be sure that your reports are always up-to-date and accurate. 

It’s not just your payments that are automatically tracked, either. Stay on top of your expenses, cash flow, profit, outstanding debts, and so much more. You’ll know exactly how much you’re spending and earning with just one look at your dashboard.

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Digital Marketing Accounting Software With Schedule Management

The more clients you have, the harder it is to keep track of your hours. If you don’t log your time correctly, you could accidentally under- or over-bill your clients, leading to unbalanced books and unhappy customers. 

FreshBooks takes the guesswork out of the equation. You can track every second you spend working with the built-in timer. You can even import that data to your invoices, streamlining the process and helping you get paid faster.

If you work with a team, there’s even more that FreshBooks can do for you. Invite employees to collaborate on your workspace, and get updates from your team in one place. They can log their hours as well, making payroll and billing a breeze.

Choosing an Accounting Software for Your Marketing Agency

Managing your own marketing business takes a lot of time and energy. For maximum productivity and customer satisfaction, you need a modern all-in-one solution that lets you handle your accounting and invoicing tasks all in one place.

The interface should be intuitive and easy to pick up so you don’t waste time learning complicated software. And seamless app integration is a must, especially if you use other programs to respond to customers, supervise employees, and create effective marketing campaigns.

Price is a major factor as well, especially if you have plans to grow your agency. Keeping your operating costs low and increasing your client intake is the secret to a sustainable and profitable small business.

Upgrade Your Marketing Agency

Enter FreshBooks, an award-winning accounting platform that empowers you to work more efficiently. Packed with features you didn’t know you needed, you’ll be able to identify opportunities for streamlining and improving your workflow. 

Lightning-fast invoicing is one of our biggest strengths. You can easily customize one of our invoice templates to fit your brand. Stop spending hours on estimates and invoices, and start getting paid now!

Track expenses? Check.

Send professional invoices? Check.

Manage employee hours? Check.

Scale as your business does? Check.

Unlimited customer support? Check.

Integration with over 100 apps? Check.

Affordable prices? Check check check.

FreshBooks has it all.

Small Business Owners Love FreshBooks

  • 3 rings on average before we answer your call
  • 24,000,000+ happy clients
  • 160+ countries where Freshbooks is available

Personal Customer Support

We value you the same way that you value your clients. Our customer support is available to handle your questions and concerns 24/7. And we don’t do recorded voices or automated chats – talk to a real human with real expertise on our platform.

Small Business Owners Love FreshBooks

3 Rings on average for your support call to be answered
24M+ People have used FreshBooks worldwide
120+ Countries have used FreshBooks

Award-Winning Support for an Award-Winning Product

No phone trees or pre-recorded voices. The FreshBooks Support Team is standing by to give you a hand. They always go above and beyond and you’ll speak to a real human in just a few rings.

T: 1-866-303-6061 E:

Stay on Top of Your Creative Agency’s Finances With Freshbooks Double-Entry Accounting

Balancing your books is an essential part of doing business. FreshBooks’ double-entry accounting system ensures your financial records are always accurate. You’ll get more detailed insight into how your agency is actually performing, allowing you to make more data-driven decisions.

FreshBooks Integrates With All Your
Favorite Apps

Enhance the FreshBooks experience with a wide range of app integrations. You likely already have a few work management platforms that you already love – our software allows you to sync your work with the programs you already use, giving you even more control over your business.

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The Best Free Accounting Software for Marketing Agencies

Your business deserves a top-of-the-line accounting program that does everything you want it to. 

FreshBooks offers an intuitive interface, real-time updates, and a comprehensive set of accounting reports. Put more time in your day to focus on what really matters: doing work for your clients and bringing in money.

Sign up for a FreshBooks subscription plan, and gain access to powerful features:

  • Create professional custom invoices designed for your industry
  • Take pictures of your expense receipts and upload them instantly
  • Keep track of your finances
  • Get updates from your team
  • Talk to customers right in the app
  • Access your information anywhere, any time.

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