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Accounting Software for Daycare Business

Whether you’re an at-home daycare or the administrator of a preschool, FreshBooks accounting software simplifies your accounting and billing needs. FreshBooks’ easy to use design makes it’s effortless to create invoices and reports in one complete software package.

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Day care Accounting Software That Will Make Billing Easy

Keeping track of tuition charges getting you down? With FreshBooks daycare software, you can create and send professional looking invoices. For children that you take care of on an hourly basis, you can track time with ease. At the end of the month, never be surprised again by costs and expenses.

Why spend hours with spreadsheets when you let FreshBooks handle it for you? FreshBooks accounting software for daycares gives you the tools needed to put time back into your day.

It’s all here for you in one smart accounting software package.

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Time saving accounting features

Save Time in Your Day

Make your child care billing effortless with FreshBooks. Streamline your daycare business by automating payment reminders and allow FreshBooks to send out invoices automatically.

Accounting for the non-accountant

Create Professional Looking Invoices in Seconds

Create professional looking invoices and estimates in seconds without having to purchase separate software. FreshBooks makes it easy to bill your clients for your day care center.

Accounting payment methods

Get Paid Faster

Never need to remind another parent to bring a check to daycare. With online payment solutions from FreshBooks, your customers can pay with the convenience and security of a platform that’s quick and easy to use.

The Fastest Way for Daycare Businesses to Invoice

FreshBooks works to ensure that you’re getting paid for every minute of your hard work. With built-in time tracking tools, you can take the guesswork out of hourly billing for child care. Create and customize your invoices with your own logo, and create a personal touch with your “thank you” emails and receipts. There’s no surprise that FreshBooks is the best accounting software for home daycare businesses.

Create an Invoice Now Mobile accounting solution

Late Payment Reminders

Say goodbye to Outlook reminders and spreadsheets. With automated late payment reminders, you can keep track of when parents pay for day care. You can use the software’s default settings, or create your own email message and terms as well.

Late Payment Fees

Automatically charge a percentage or flat fee onto your invoices that are late past a deadline. FreshBooks lets you enable/disable late payment fees for specific customers as well.

Recurring Billing

Does your day care center watch the same children on a regular basis? With FreshBooks, you can set up profiles so that invoices get sent out automatically each week, month, quarter etc to meet the needs of your customers.


FreshBooks accounting software allows you to set up a billing schedule to automatically (and securely) charge your client’s credit card in seconds. Win-win!

Easily Organize your Business Expenses

Once you’ve entered your expenses into FreshBooks, the software will automatically organize and store the information for you. If you have to enter expenses while on the go, you can upload receipts with the convenient mobile app.

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Handle Hourly Billing with Ease

With the Time Tracking tab on FreshBooks, you can keep track of how long you’re watching children each day, or babysitting then bill accordingly. When the day is over you can generate an invoice with just a few simple clicks, or create the invoice at the end of the week with the total time of each day.

Accounting and time tracking software

Effortlessly Manage and Collaborate with Your Team

Plan for staffing and budgeting with projects. This tool allows you to simplify employee scheduling with an interactive calendar so that your employees can see their daily, weekly, and monthly times. Your employees can also clock in and out using the timer feature, and you can make punch corrections with ease.

Accounting software for projects

Award-Winning Product

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Simple, Secure Online Payments

FreshBooks makes it quick and easy for your customers to pay you straight from the invoice. In just a few simple clicks your customers can pay with their credit card so that they don’t have to remember the checkbook every time. FreshBooks Payments protects your customers’ financial information and the fee structure is straightforward as well.

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Set Clear Expectations With Estimates

Take the guesswork out of billing. Do you have a customer that’s switching to your after-school program? Send an estimate to your customer to get them on the same page, and they can even accept the estimate from online. FreshBooks supports every part of your business from estimates/quotes to invoices in one easy to use, complete package.

From Estimates to invoices, only in FreshBooks

Check-In on Your Business Anywhere

FreshBooks allows you to assist your customers from anywhere with the FreshBooks mobile app. Turn your employee’s smartphones into convenient time clocks that stay in sync with your desktop app. If you’re picking up supplies at the store, you can upload the receipts in seconds, and send invoices even when you’re not in the office.

FreshBooks available on mobile devices

Simple Financial Reports For Powerful Business Insights

Turn numbers into information that can help your daycare business grow. FreshBooks is more than just a typical accounting software. With a treasure trove of accounting reports, you can see where your business stands within the dashboard, and you’ll have your business taxes basically done before tax time comes around.

Reporting can be done within FreshBooks

Profit & Loss Report

With this report, you can see at a glance your total income expenses without having to wait until the end of the month.

Sales Tax Summary

With this report, you will always know what’s been collected, and what’s been sent to the IRS for a given period. When tax time comes around, you can run year-end tax statements to make it a breeze.

Accounts Aging

This report gives you a summary of which invoices are overdue. This report works well with the late payment reminders to make sure that you’re getting paid on time.

Invoice Details

Manage your invoices with the Invoice Details report. Get a detailed history of invoices that you can filter based on status, customers, and date.

Expense Reports

See how much money you’re spending each month with the expenses report. Sort by group and date so that you know where the money is being used.

Time Entry Details

Track how many hours your employees have worked each day. With this report, FreshBooks can calculate the pay so that you don’t need to use separate payroll software.

Payments Collected

See which customers have already paid with the payments collected report. FreshBooks lets you sort by date, client, and payment method so that you know exactly what the business has been earning.

Connect With Industry Leading Apps To Level Up Your Accounting

FreshBooks integrates with lots of apps you already use (and some new ones you’ll be glad you found) to make running your business a breeze.

Connect With Industry Leading Apps To Level Up Your Accounting

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