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Accounting Software For Mac

Upgrade your accounting experience with FreshBooks accounting software for Mac. Finding the right Mac accounting software for your small business can be hard. With FreshBooks, you’ll spend less time with spreadsheets and calculators, and more time growing your business.

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Mac Accounting Software That Will Make Billing Easy

Whether you’ve just started your business or spent years growing your empire, FreshBooks is built from the ground up to be compatible with your MacBook and Apple device. FreshBooks is easy to use, and you have access to a suite of business tools that can increase invoicing, reporting and productivity.

FreshBooks is the best accounting software for Mac. You can create invoices, work with your team on client projects and more with FreshBooks. For over ten years, Canadian based FreshBooks has been helping businesses simplify their accounting. Powerful reports and online payment solutions will make running your business even easier.

It’s all here for you in one smart accounting software package.

Accounting Software
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Mac Accounting Software That Saves You Time

Stop entering numbers into spreadsheets. With FreshBooks Mac accounting software you can set up schedules to send out customer follow up, track time for your employees, and manage your expenses with ease.
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Create Professional Looking Invoices in Seconds

With FreshBooks, you have the best small business accounting software for Mac users. You’ll impress your customers with easy to understand estimates, and invoices customized to your business. Whether you’re a sole proprietor or leading a team, FreshBooks will scale to meet the needs of your business.
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Get Paid Faster

Offer online payment solutions for your customers to make it more convenient for them. With FreshBooks accounting software for Mac, you can customize payment options that are secure, and get paid faster as well.

The Fastest Way for Mac Businesses To Invoice Clients

With time tracking tools, you can make sure that you’re getting paid for every minute that you’re working. Create customized invoices with your logo and adapt the design to meet the needs of your business’s brand. Your customers will love to receive personalized “thank you” emails. When working on a custom project for a client, you can easily track the time you’ve spent on the project and transfer the numbers over to the invoice in seconds.

Accounting Software

Late Payment Reminder Emails

FreshBooks accounting software tools are available to simplify late payment reminders. Automate and customize reminders in just a few clicks.

Late Payment Fees

Don’t let late payments be a hassle again. Build late payment fees right into your invoices to make sure you’re paid what’s owed.

Recurring Profiles

Does your business have regular customers? Manage repeat customers with recurring profiles. FreshBooks will save you time with automated invoices that get sent out each month.


Schedule billing with FreshBooks so that you can automatically charge clients each month through the recurring profiles. Your customers’ information will stay secure as well.

Easily Organize your Business Expenses

Enter your business expenses into FreshBooks and the software will automatically sort the information for you. Always know how much money you’re spending, and what money your business has made without leaving FreshBooks.

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Track Every Second of Your Precious Time

FreshBooks accounting software lets you track how much time you’ve spent on projects. FreshBooks keeps an accurate time log for you that can be transferred over to the invoice with ease. FreshBooks grows with your business. Track your team’s progress, and view their productivity from a central location.

Accounting Software

Effortlessly Manage and Collaborate with Your Team

FreshBooks lets you keep your team and clients updated on projects. Using FreshBooks for project management tools you can ensure that everyone is using the most current information. Your clients will be able to view progress updates with ease, and your employees will work with the latest information. FreshBooks has built in collaboration tools where you can invite clients and employees in a few clicks.

Accounting Software

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Simple, Secure Online Payments

Estimates help to lay the foundation for a successful project. FreshBooks makes it convenient to send your clients estimates with the options available for the next project. Your clients will get a clear picture of what’s available and can even accept the estimate online.

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Set Clear Expectations With Estimates

Estimates help to lay the foundation for a successful project. FreshBooks makes it convenient to send your clients estimates with the options available for the next project. Your clients will get a clear picture of what’s available and can even accept the estimate online.

Accounting Software

Make Your Business Mobile

FreshBooks accounting software offers a mobile accounting app for your Apple device. Stay connected with your clients and handle your accounting while on the go. With the mobile accounting app, you can send invoices on the road, and upload expense receipts in seconds. If your clients have questions about an invoice, you can answer them right from the app. When you return to the office there’s nothing to do, FreshBooks keeps your desktop and mobile app in sync.

Accounting Software

Simple Financial Reports For Powerful Business Insights

FreshBooks accounting software makes it easy to know how well the business is doing at all times. The dashboard shows a comparison of your invoices and expenses so that you have a constant update of how well your business is doing. Each report gives you wealth of knowledge so that you can stay at the top of your game.

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Profit & Loss Report

This report shows your total income and expenses for a period of time and can be helpful in cutting costs.

Sales Tax Summary

Know how much you’ve collected for sales taxes for your business, and know what’s already been paid.

Accounts Aging

Do you have some clients that haven’t paid their invoice yet? This report will show which clients are taking too long to pay.

Invoice Details

Get a comprehensive report of all the invoices that your business has generated. Search by date, client, and status.

Expense Reports

Break down all of your expenses and know what areas you’re spending the most money in.

Time Tracking

FreshBooks offers time-tracking tools so that you don’t have to guess on time when sending out invoices.

Payments Collected

Get a detailed breakdown of the payments that you’ve recorded into FreshBooks. Filter results by date, client, payment and more.

Connect With Industry Leading Apps To Level Up Your Accounting

FreshBooks integrates with lots of apps you already use (and some new ones you’ll be glad you found) to make running your business a breeze.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will FreshBooks Work On All My Apple Devices?

FreshBooks is compatible with iMac’s, MacBook’s, iPhone’s, iPad’s, and iPod touch.

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