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Interior Design Invoice Template

Don’t waste your creative talents creating invoices from scratch. Easily invoice clients online with FreshBooks and get unlimited award-winning customer support to grow your business.

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The Best Invoicing for Interior Designers

Create professional invoices that are tailored to the specific needs of your business. Download a free interior design invoice template to bill clients for your design services.

Invoice with FreshBooks instead.

Get Your Free Interior Design Invoice Template

You turn houses into cozy, creative homes for your clients. Your eye for detail and aesthetics shine through the designs you create for homes and businesses every day. From the color of the flooring to the style of art on the walls, every detail is carefully chosen to work in harmony together.

Making sure your business is running properly is also a set of carefully chosen details, from your logo to marketing, right down to the invoices you send to your clients.

With the interior design invoice template from FreshBooks, you finally have an invoice that lets you put your best foot forward. Download the template starting creating your invoice.

Available for download in .PDF, .XLS, .DOC,  Google Docs and Google Sheets. Browse all invoice templates from FreshBooks.

Download the Interior Design Invoice Template

Invoice With Freshbooks

Interior Design Work Order

Whether you’re picking out the perfect furniture for someone’s home or creating a professional, cohesive office environment, you need to be able to bill easily and quickly for all of your services.

Download as:

Free Interior Design Invoice Template

Although you became an interior designer for the love of your craft, you still have to make a living. Thanks to the interior design invoice sample, you can create custom invoices to meet your needs. Get yours today.

Download as:

This is the What Is an Interior Design Invoice Used For?

You may be a creative, but you also need to pay your own bills and put food on the table each night.

Spending hours creating invoices, organizing client information, collecting payment and following up on unpaid balances takes away time that could be spent honing your skills or finding new clients.

And hiring an accountant or bookkeeper to manage your finances is an expense you just don’t want to spare right now.

Rather than stress yourself out making sure that all your invoicing is done correctly and that you’re frequently checking in on past due balances, get the interior design bill format from FreshBooks.

With the free interior design invoice template, you can create outstanding invoices that get you paid the right way.

Make all the nitty-gritty details of your business finances less stressful by keeping client information organized, tracking payments and past due balances and decrease client questions. Using our invoice for interior design services offers your business many benefits.

Downloading and using our interior design invoice format provides your business with many benefits, including:

  • Keeping track of past-due balances
  • Quickly get paid for interior design contracts
  • Organizing client account information
  • Ability to bill your clients for free
  • PDF and printer-friendly formatting
  • Keeping all information easily accessible for taxes

Give your interior design business the leg up it deserves with an invoice that delivers clear, understandable accounting of charges each and every time.

How to Create an Interior Design Invoice

Quickly and easily create an invoice that meets the needs of your interior design business with the interior design invoice template from FreshBooks.

Simply download our free template, add your details, list services provided and send in the manner your client prefers – through FreshBooks, by email or in the regular post.

Follow these easy instructions and you’ll be on your way to drafting professional-looking invoices for your business:

  1. Download the free “Interior Design Invoice Template” from FreshBooks
  2. Add your business branding, such as logo, colors and font
  3. Add your name, your business name (if applicable) and contact details to the top of the invoice
  4. Outline interior design services provided plus a description and price for each
  5. Add your client’s name, business and contact details
  6. Add up the total of services provided and include in the “Total” section of the invoice
  7. Specify accepted payment methods
  8. Describe privacy policy, refund policy or any other policies in the “Notes” field
  9. Save

The downloadable template has blank spaces for you to fill in all your business details and list out services provided, the price for each service and the total cost. Keep everything clear for your client by adding in accepted payment methods, refund policy and payment due dates.

Interior designers in the US, UK and across the globe trust the free interior design invoice template from FreshBooks for their business billing.

Types of Invoices for Interior Designers

The way you bill for your interior design business is as unique as the style and experience you bring to each client’s project. Why should you use the same invoice as other interior designers?

No matter how you charge for your services, the free interior design invoice can meet your needs. For large amounts of clients and projects, try the interior design invoice template in Excel format.

Some types of invoices that interior designers use include:

  • Pre-fixed rate
  • Hourly
  • Percentage over costs
  • Cost per square foot or meter
  • Retail
  • Department store retail
  • Combination

From small apartment jobs to redesigning large corporate offices, FreshBooks has you covered.

Download the free template and fill in the blank fields according to your needs. Add your logo, business branding, a listing of charges and payment terms. Send your completed invoice the way your client wants it, either in FreshBooks, via email or through the mail.

Increase profits and efficiency while decreasing stress and time spent on accounting and bookkeeping tasks for your business.

Send detailed invoices in minutes. Download the free template to get on your way to running your interior design business more efficiently.

Download Free Templates

Download an Interior Design Invoice Template for Free

You spend hours making sure that each and every interior design project you complete is a reflection of your clients’ wants and needs. From the type and color of flooring to the style of lighting, you focus in on every possible detail. Running your business doesn’t have to be that way.

Rather than spending your valuable time chasing after unpaid invoices and handwriting bills, get the free interior design invoice template to create professional invoices.

Your clients love the work you do for them. Why not give them an invoice they’ll like too?

Upgrade Your Invoice Template with FreshBooks

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