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Free Word Invoice Template

Use the FreshBooks Word invoice template to create client-ready invoices for your Canadian business in minutes.

Download Word Invoice Template

Download the free Word invoice template and start using it straight away for your business’s billing needs. Our Word invoice template also helps you stay CRA-compliant, with fields for GST/HST/PST taxes and your GST/HST/PST registration number (if applicable). With FreshBooks, you can create more accurate invoices and avoid financial mistakes or a CRA audit.

Need invoices tailored to your industry? Check out our industry templates below or browse our template gallery of professional invoices for more options.

Free Invoice Generator

Accurate, professional invoices are crucial, which is why we created a Free Invoice Generator to make invoicing simple. Simply customize the free invoice templates with your business’s payment details and download the invoice for free.

More Invoice Template Formats

Excel Invoice Template

Microsoft Excel invoice templates are ideal for businesses with larger and more complex invoicing needs, such as multiple services or products.

Google Docs Invoice Template

Google Docs invoice templates are useful for remote businesses or anyone using an external bookkeeping service for their business, thanks to the collaborative nature of the platform.

Google Sheet Invoice Template

Google Sheets invoice templates offer an abundance of helpful features, like remote access and file-sharing collaboration between users.

PDF Invoice Template

PDF invoice templates are often the preferred way to deliver a final invoice to a client, as they cannot be edited once they’re exported and sent.

Invoice Templates by Industry

Trades & Home

Build your business with a construction and trades invoice template that helps you clearly and efficiently bill clients for projects.


Ensure your invoices contain all the essentials and avoid confusion with legal templates for Word.

Marketing & Creatives

As a marketing expert, you want your invoices to feel professional and aligned with your brand—use customizable templates for invoices from marketing and creatives.


Businesses need to provide invoices often. Make the process simple and streamlined with a selection of business invoice templates for Microsoft Word.


Sometimes, you need a general invoice for one-off billing or other occasional uses. Our generic Microsoft Word invoice templates help simplify your billing process and keep you on track.


Medical practitioners need to send accurate, detailed invoices to patients and clients. Save time for your busy practice with medical invoice templates catered to your industry.


Whether you handle transport logistics or run a mechanic shop, creating invoices is a daily part of life. Drive your business forward with Word invoice templates.

Word Invoice Template vs. FreshBooks

FreshBooks offers a range of free Word invoice templates suited for just about any application you’ll need as a Canadian business owner. But what if you’re looking for a more complete, all-inclusive solution? More features are available using FreshBooks’ full-service platform. Here are a few ways FreshBooks can help the invoicing process for Canadians:

Word Invoice Template




Word Invoice Template

Flexible invoice templates

Printable formats

Email invoices at no cost

ChargeFederal and Provincial Sales Tax (like GST, HST, and PST)

Accept payments on invoices

Schedule invoices

Automate payment reminders and late fees

Manage paid and outstanding invoices

Set up deposits for projects

Add discounts and credits to invoices

Automate recurring subscription invoices

Create and send invoices via mobile devices

Access your invoices FOREVER on the cloud 🔥

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Helpful Resources

FreshBooks Resource Hub is packed with actionable insights and educational resources to help Canadian business owners thrive. Discover a wealth of invoicing primers and comprehensive guides to fuel your small business journey. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Word invoice templates legally binding for invoicing clients?

Yes—just like any other type of invoice (whether created from a blank invoice template or with an invoice tool like FreshBooks), this template is binding as long as you already have a business agreement in place. This is typically a contract signed by you and the client to confirm that the invoice will be binding.

Can I send an invoice through email?

Definitely—email is one of the best ways to send an invoice if you’re not using an all-in-one invoicing solution like FreshBooks. Simply fill out the free invoice template, save it as a PDF, and attach it to an email with a note to your client. This is a fast, relatively secure way to bill clients, though it can be time-consuming if you’re sending a lot of invoices.

Can I use the Word invoice template for services and products sold online?

Yes. Using the Word invoice template is the same for Canadian eCommerce as it is for any other industry. Make sure to include a breakdown of products/services rendered in the ‘description’ column and fill out the rest as normal.

How do I customize the invoice number in Word?

If you create invoices and edit Word invoice templates by hand, you simply need to remember to change the invoice number each time (e.g., invoice #001 to invoice #002). When you use a full invoicing service like FreshBooks, a unique invoice number is automatically updated each time you bill a client.

Can I use a Word invoice template for personal use?

Absolutely! The Word invoice template from FreshBooks is just as suitable for personal use as it is for Canadian professionals. Whether you want to sell a vehicle or bill for a non-professional service, this template is customizable and easily adapted to any situation. 

Can I add payment instructions to the Word invoice template?

Our free invoice template for Word is easy to customize to your needs. You can add a block of text on the bottom of the page (or the reverse side) to include your payment instructions, including the payment due date, available payment methods, and any other information you wish to include.

Can I customize the Word invoice to fit my business needs?

The FreshBooks Word free invoice template is very flexible, allowing you to update and customize virtually everything on it. Whether you need to add more columns, additional information on policy, payment due dates, payment terms, or simply make space for a company logo, the simple invoice template is very user-friendly.

How can I send the Word invoice to my clients?

Though some people still send invoices via physical mail, it’s more common for people to do it electronically—either through email or, preferably, with an integrated sending feature in your invoice software like FreshBooks. Software is the fastest, most secure way to send invoices to clients. If you decide to send it via email, though, we recommend exporting it as a .PDF to ensure no one edits it. Our invoice template for Word is printable and can be easily converted to a .PDF without changing the original formatting you’ve created.


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